Friday, 29 May 2009

The Rats get ready to run

No it just will not do. Letting the thieves, some of who have defrauded us for decades, being allowed to remain in Parliament until the next general election so they can collect huge "golden goodbye" pay-offs is just not on.

Remember, the expenses that have been revealed to us, are only for what they stole last year. What about previous years.

We want each and every one of the MPs in Parliament to be investigated, going back to the first day they became Pigs and shoved their snouts through the doors of Westminster Palace.

Another thing, totally out of the question is the news that no less than 52 Labour MPs are now actively seeking a place in the House of Lords. Rats leaving a sinking luxury liner and hoping to swim to another almost equally as luxurious.

Punish the Pigs

Vote BNP on the 4th of June


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