Friday, 29 May 2009

Fiona Hamilton and the BNP

Fiona Hamilton - Liar
As Roger would say. "She has the manners of a dog"

One of the things about the ongoing smear campaign against the patriotic British National Party by the government controlled Fourth Estate, that helps defend and promote The Establishment, is that you get to learn about a lot of people and also pick up information on a range of subjects.

Let us take as an example Ms Fiona Hamiliton, who judging from the numbers of articles she has written in the last few day for the Times, must have been commissioned to write only articles attacking the BNP.

You can find out how many for yourself, by visiting this site here that provides information on journalists and any articles they have written. Five articles, this crow has produced for the Times since Wednesday attacking the BNP. Busy little liar.

However, although she is not very good at it, she has learned something about the seven main propaganda techniques that were first identified by the Institute for Propagana Analysis in 1938 and the rules are, is that there are no rules.

I will not go into the details but here are some examples of what the enemy propagandaist attempts to achieve.
  • Attack the Leader of the enemy side by attempting to discredit them in in the eyes of their activists and supporters. Imply they have been stealing party funds.
  • Association. Use words to link the enemy to repugnant subjects and organisations so the readers mind then links the two. "The BNP are Nazi Scum" is very popular at the moment
  • Testimonals. Get "celebrities" to support your cause. Even D list ones like Billy Bragg???
I could list a lot more examples but again, Time is Tight and you already get the picture so time to move on.

Now if Fiona wanted to do a REAL story, why does she not look into the funding of Searchlight and why the Metropolitan Police refuse to investigate them. Nothing to do with the communist led Searchlight being employed by them would it?

Some other propaganda techniques can be found here. See if you can link them to recent press articles.

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