Saturday, 23 May 2009

Just another day

I was hoping to rest my wrist today and stay of this creature I am tied to but reading the news, forces me to bind tight my right wrist tighter and write about the news.

Again, today The Establishment continue their attacks on the British National Party. For a political party that they keep saying is going nowhere and full of knuckle dragging morons, they certainly seem to show their fear of it with each new pathetic smear article they produce.

More concerned about whether the Chairman of the BNP will attend a Garden Party at the palace they ignore the death of another of of OUR SOLDIERS in Helmand Province, they announce that pressure is being brought on the hard working and patriotic BNP Assembly member for Londonistan, Richard Barnbrook to not attend this boring event.

With regards to the Queen, it must be remembered that she has no say as to who attends these Garden Parties. She just turns up and presses some flesh. If she did have a say, do you honestly think she would have met people like the murdering monster from Rhodesia, Robert Mugabe?

Would she really have wished to meet people like the former Mayor of London and Chairman of the polical terrorist organisation the UAF, Ken Livingstone? An associate and friend of the murdering IRA/Sinn Fein bastards Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness who ordered the murder of her cousin and 2nd World War hero, Lord Louis Mountbatten, his grandson and another young boy?
"This operation is one of the discriminate ways we can bring to the attention of the English people the continuing occupation of our country."
Bloody marxist madmen who hate their British Kinsmen but not the immigrants turning Ireland into another third world country.

If I was Her Majesty, I know who I would rather shake by the hand(in fact I have) and that is the chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin, a man who is 100% patriotic, unlike the brain dead white cabbage she calls Charles.

And so we move on.

In Milton Keynes, another part of Our Country that is becoming even more dangerous to live in than Helamand Province, a man was assaulted and mugged by two Somalians whilst in Gorton an "Asian" man threatened to rape a 12 year old child.

And like the British Public, I walk on by and turn to another page.

When the New World Order told us not to worry about the loss of our heavy and light industry as there would be lots of jobs in the "Service Industry", they meant soul destroying jobs in call centres where the workers are watched over and electronically monitored from the moment they sit down until the moment they stagger home at the end of the day. I know and John of Gwent know all there is to know about Call Centres and how they work.

And now these jobs also are being exported to India, they were always planned to be exported.
Workers told they were losing their jobs to a call centre in India had salt rubbed in their wounds after being asked to train the people who would be taking over their positions.
At least in France, where the same thing is happening workers have been told that they have a choice between redeploying to India or being sacked. What a bloody choice?
Carreman told its workers at a plant in the southwestern town of Castres that it would offer them pay of 69 euros (92 dollars) a month if they moved to Bangalore, union officials said at the weekend.

The average monthly salary in France is 1,321 euros.
The globalists and marxists idea of a perfect world. No boarders with business able to move its plant to wherever people will work the cheapest and in some parts of the world that is for the price of a meal a day. Companies like Dyson , Burberry and Cadbury should be ashamed of themselves and will be made to pay. I will not bother you with Cadburys involvement with Searchlight or Operation Black Vote. Please read all the links.

Not much more now guys. Time to move on to the news that the Pigs who must be Punished on June 4th have had (at our expense) councillors employed to talk them out of committing suicide after being caught with their stinking red hands in the public cookie jar.

Well let me give these crooked politicans some advice and it will not cost the taxpayers money. Do not talk about killing yourselfs. Do it. PLEASE do it. We bloody hate you. You are not paranoid. We really do hate you and we will never ever let any of you forget as long as you live. So do it. Kill yourselves.

I would suggest any of the following as being a possible way.
  • Drown yourself in your moat.
  • Lock yourself in your duck house and set fire to it.
  • Remove toilet seat(s) and shove your head down toilet.
  • Move to a suitablly enriched part of the country like Milton Keynes
  • Tie rope to your chandelier, stand on your new luxury chair. Tie rope around throat. Kick chair away.
  • Slash wrists in your tax payer funded jacuzzi.
See you have lots of choices. Much better than sticking around for the justice that will come your way eventually. So go on. Top yourselves. We want you to. For once you really do have a mandate from the True British people.

Finally a message for the gob shite Archbishop of Canterbury, who no longer having any parishoners now as to lecture anyone who will listen. Sod off with your pathetic defence of the crooked and corrupt MPs. You speak for noone and if God no longer listens to your prayers it is because he has recognised that you are a complet dick head. Vote Reverend West for Archbishop of Canterbury.

Punish the Pigs on June 4th

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