Friday, 19 June 2009

The knot of Princes, Kings and even MEPs

Now there is only one knot I use when wearing a tie and that is the Windsor Knot. To me the Half Windsor is a lazy knot and OK for school children but not for those who mean business.

Now the Americans, who always manage somehow to get things wrong call it the Full Windsor but to those in "the know", it is just The Windsor Knot.

But fair play to our cousins across the pond, they do know how to make videos about how to tie a knot and the one above is one of the best.

As the video says, the knot works best with a spread collar shirt and particularly suits a person of a certain build with a wider face. Now who we know who fits that description?

But now, I will betray a secret used by men to determine whether a lady is interested in them and to start a conversation. Loosen the tie and put it slightly askew. I have yet to meet the woman who can resist not reaching out and straightening and tightening the tie.

Some of you may remember the little ditty, "the bunny runs round the tree".

Completely unrelated but might raise a smile. Send in by Titus.