Friday, 12 June 2009

Lily Allen really is Pondlife

I see that the jumped up little strumpet and drug dealer, Lily Allen (who?) has taken a pop at the British National Party in her new crap song called "F**k You".

"I wrote this song about the BNP." Allen told fans, in reference to her song 'F*** You'. "It's been a very sad week for British politics."

"Two BNP politicians have won seats in the European Parliament." Lily continued.

"It's shocking that people are actually voting for these f***ing racist, homophobic Nazis."
Now I do not mind people have a pop at the only patriotic party when they say something sensible or worthy of debate but I do object when they just chant the usual nonsense and when they clearly gob off just to jump on a band wagon and appear "right on" to their friends who swim in the same Luvvie Pond.

But perhaps I being hard on this drug taking trollop from Wales, whose Welsh father, the actor Keith Allen, a former public school boy made his money as a common burglar with a record for violence, before breaking into TV, where he co-wrote the pathetic, The Comic Strip Presents.

For Lily, it must have been difficult in keeping up with who her brothers and sisters were as her father slept his way around the country, fathering at least six children by by four different women. There are reports of another two children by other women. All the same it must have been difficult for Lily not knowing who her real mother was, with a role model like "Dad".

And it was in The Comic Strip Presents, that Lily made her first appearance at the age of three, showing it is not what you know but who know that counts in life and rips apart her lie that she became a "Star" by her own efforts.

Now Lily likes to claim that she comes from a working class background but one has to wonder how many people from working class backgrounds went to expensive and exclusive top schools such as Hill House and Bedales School(check out the list of "old boys").
The school has established a reputation for high quality arts teaching and a dedication to drama, art and music. Bedales has an environmental award winning theatre which is also used by the local community.

Bedales fees have risen in recent years and it is now one of the most expensive schools in the UK, with 2007/8 fees of £6,675 per term (non-boarding) and £8,547 per term (boarding).
If that is what Lily considers to be a working class background, I would like to know what her definitions of privilege and patronage are.

And how many children from working class backgrounds are taught privately at the age of eleven by the likes of the internationally famous, Canadian soprano Rachel Santesso?

And how many working class, 17 year old girls are invited to become members of the exclusive Groucho Club in London? Having a celebrity father and a film producer for a mother helps I suppose.

Lily Pondlife

Lily, who claims to be a socialist is always ready to attack fellow artists (perhaps she considers them beneath her working class roots) like Victoria Beckham and the Pussycat Girls.
"take all their clothes off, don't say anything, promote womanising and look like lap dancers as far as I'm concerned".
Well, I do not know whether those things are true but I do know this. They do not, to my knowledge deal in drugs or take them, which is something that Lily likes to brag about to increase her "street cred".

Joey Smith of the British National Party sums up Lily Allen nicely in the video above.

Lily Allen Your Just Pond life and without wealthy parents who are in the trade, you would be working on the streets for your drug money. Bit like a poisonous toad really.