Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Decadence, Profligacy and Debauchery. The New Face of Britain.

By The Informer.

If one studies history as I obsessively do, one will find that the great always fall. There have been a few exceptions, but in main these people or nations are doomed to spiral downwards, eventually resulting in tragedy.

There are myriad civilisations that have apparently disappeared overnight it seems, often leaving nothing but magnificent structures deep inside overgrown forests.

Take the Aztecs in the 16th and 17th centuries. They were well on the wane before the Spanish finally dispatched them. Evidence shows that they lived a complicated ritualised life interwoven with sexual excesses and bloodletting.

Before that in Cambodia, temple cities like ANGKOR WAT grew up and then the inhabitants just seemed to disappear.

Similarly but two thousand years before, the Minoans of Crete wiped themselves out after many years of self-indulgence.

We all know how the Romans and Greeks loved to live life to the full and paid a heavy price in the end.

More recently Nicolae Ceausescu led an impoverished Romania whilst he and his cohorts lived the life of emperors. Look what happened to him.

Britain in the 2000’s is relentlessly descending into a mire of depravity. Homosexuality is worshipped like some kind of superior lifestyle. Drinking laws have been relaxed to such an extent that alcohol is available 24 hours a day. Drug abuse is largely tolerated, and young children are being introduced to sexuality as young as 4 years of age.

'Single parent familie's used to describe those irresponsible women who chose that lifestyle of state dependency. Now we have been forced to include women who through no fault of their own have lost a husband. Up to 35% of children in some areas grow up never knowing a father. The average for the UK being over 20%. Why is this tolerated?

We are supposed to be a democracy, but increasingly minority groups set the political trend, and the lawbooks are being re-written to accommodate them.

Our parliament has an over representation of homosexual men and lesbian women. This trend percolates right down the political coffeepot to local councils.

Decisions are being taken about the future of our children by people who have no concept of parenthood.

The same applies to vital organisations such as the armed forces and police.

Similarly minority groups are setting up organisations which deliberately mimic or purport to be government bodies.

We have the ‘National Council for this’, the ‘London Confederation of that’.

People are confused and that is the precise object of these false entities.

On the weekend of the 20th June 2009, a disparate group of individuals under the banner of the self styled Unite Against Fascism, attempted to hold a protest in Blackpool.

Out of around sixty beings two were Black and the rest were made up of heavily made up men, crop haired tattooed women, and gaunt faced skeletons.This organisation is feted by the media and funded by government and suopported by hundreds of MP's and Unions.

They were singing in praise of their gayness, and speakers included cross dressing men espousing feminism, and burly braless women wearing loose sleeveless ‘T’ shirts and ‘builders’ bums’, an altogether repulsive lot. Appropriately the content of their speeches was sickening and peppered with expletives calling all against them as Nazis.

Which brings me to my conclusion.

This sort of behaviour was rampant in parts of Europe in the 1920’s. Is Britain just being pushed just that little bit too far?