Saturday, 20 June 2009

Gordon says he fancies going back to school - AS A TEACHER !!"

by johnofgwent

The latest in a (long) line of "you really ought to pity the poor man" postings on the BBC News website would have us believe that "Not Flash, Just" Gordon feel the last week was the worst of his life and he really felt like walking away. Here are some quotes from the link above :-
I'm not interested in what accompanies being in power... and it would probably be good for my children,"

He "didn't know a lot about" banks buying up sub-prime mortgages during his period as chancellor.

"I'm not as great a presenter of information or communicator as I would like to be,"
And best of the lot:-
"To be honest, (I) could walk away from all of this tomorrow."
I have only one question:-


But look out. people. That site also says "In the wake of a failed bid to oust him the prime minister also said he may go into teaching after leaving office".

Oh My God. Some poor kids next year are going to have Gordon Brown teaching them. Now I know why England is abolishing the last of the SATs. But I tell you this, if I was on the board of the School Governors I wouldn;t give this incompetent oaf a job cleaning the toilets never mind teaching the children. And what would he teach ? Economics ? Yeah I bet that would work wonders for the league table ratings/