Sunday, 14 June 2009

Diane Abbot MP approves of Egg Throwing

Diane Abbot asking for eggs

Oh dear, dear, Dear Diane, what have you gone and let yourself in for now, you silly, silly woman.

Actually, the Labour MP Diane Abbot, another professional black, is not that silly or stupid. She managed to suck up £220,247 in expenses last year on top of her basic pay of £64,766 and her guaranteed pension of £17,357. So I guess we have to respect what this woman says when she writes about whether politicians like Nick Griffin MEP should receive police protection.
Nick Griffin is entitled to protection from acts of criminality. Furthermore, he is entitled to express his views. But throwing eggs at politicians is not a crime - it is a grand British tradition. I am surprised that a party that claims to be British nationalists is not more appreciative of it. And, if the sight of the BNP on the streets incites citizens to throw eggs, maybe the BNP needs to accept that this is what comes with being a fascist party. I do not want taxpayers' money wasted on elevating Nick Griffin's status and protecting him from mere egg-throwers.
Fair enough Dianne. If you accept that "egg throwing" is a great British Tradition then please do not complain about being hit by one, if someone angry over your shameful support for illegal immigrants invading our country decides to crack one on your extremely thick skull.

So Dianne, when are you in Wales again? I have an egg that I was going to have for breakfast but might save it for you.

By the way Dianne, it is not often I agree with you, but your recent piece in the Manky Mirror was spot on.
Demonstrations were being planned for today against greedy politicians and Labour's Diane Abbot warned MPs could be targets of violence.

She said: " There is a mood among the public, they want to see dead MPs hanging from lampposts."
Now guys, no rushing off down to the shops to buy rope - eggs will do. For now at least.

Right being a Sunday. Let us have some egg jokes. I am sure our chairman will not mind.

Psychiatrist: "What's your problem?"

Patient: "I think I'm a chicken."

Psychiatrist: "How long has this been going on?"

Patient: "Ever since I was an egg!"

Why does it take 1 million sperm to fertilize one egg?

They won't stop to ask directions.

Man: "How do you like your eggs in the morning?"

Woman: "Unfertilized."

Update at 09:30

Sorry guys. Ate my egg. Put it on a piece of toast and covered it in tomatoe sauce. Nice.

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