Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Joseph Harker of the Guardian

I must confess to never having heard of Joseph Harker until today. In fact the only Harker I have in my memory is Jonathan Harker, the solicitor who had a bit of a rough ride of it, when he went to stay with a new client at his home in the Carpathian Mountains.

Well I know the guy now and will be keeping an eye on the Gruniard where has just launced an attack on the British National Party.

He starts of by saying that he would sit with Rosa Parks for the right to take a bus. So would most people who love freedom including most of the BNP.

He then says he would march with Martin Luther King for the right to vote. Again so would most freedom loving people, including myself.

But then this is where he reveals the true meaning of being a liberal. He then says that he would probably take up arms with Nelson Mandela for the right to be a citizen in his own land.

Well we will leave aside the fact that Mandela was and still is, a baby murdering terrorist who has much historic blood on his hands, has do those other murdering pieces of shite, Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams.

So what, I wonder is different about Black Africans wanting control of their country (very debatable as the whites were amongst the first to settle in South Africa) that makes it acceptable to blow people to bits to achieve their aims and the British National Party's wish to prevent genocide being carried out on the white people whose land this really is. At least the BNP use the ballot box and not bombs and armalites.

You are a bloody hypocrite Harker. But you have nothing to fear about being expelled by a BNP government of the future. Providing of course you are not here illegally. You are here legally are you not?

Other shite by Harker includes. The Struggle to find greeting cards with black faces is a reminder that discrimination is still rife in the UK.

The guy is stark raving bonkers I tell you.

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