Monday, 15 June 2009

Tony Dowling, Gateshead NUT, speaking at UAF meeting 9 June 2009

Tony Ward BNP
"Physically Confronted" by the UAF

In this article in The Times, professional Black and leader of the UAF, Weyman Bennett was allowed to publish an inflammatory article calling on his readers to physically attack members of the British National Party.
The recent electoral gains by the British National Party have triggered debates over how best to oppose it. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) believes that the BNP is a fascist organisation, and as such it should not be treated with the respect one accords to democratic parties. The BNP should be physically confronted wherever it tries to organise. It should be not be accepted as a legitimate political organisation, or mollycoddled with interviews and airtime. It should driven out of our political life.
Why this man has not been arrested and charged with incitement to cause violence is beyond me. Well not really, because Bennett is on the same side as those who should enforce the law. He, despite any protestations to the contrary is part of The Establishment.

And you might recall, how in a previous article, I provided you with evidence that Searchlight and the UAF were working together to target British National Party meetings and members.

And as a result of information passed by Searchlight to the UAF thugs, British National Party activist Tony Ward was ambushed and beaten by claw hammers and baseball bats.

Now we have further evidence that the UAF are actively inciting people to disrupt BNP meetings, intimidate landlords of pubs and deny people the right of free assembly and free speech thanks to Civil Liberty who have provided the following information supported by a voice tape.
Evidence of criminal activity

We are publishing a recording which was made at a UAF meeting in Newcastle on Tuesday 9th June 2009.

Tony Dowling, the speaker in this recording, is also a member of the Socialist Workers Party, as well as Gateshead NUT(membership secratary), and regularly writes to the local press in the North East arguing that teachers who also happen to be BNP members, such as Adam and Mark Walker, should be sacked.
The voice tape is of poor quality, so I have taken the liberty of transcribing a relevant part of it that reveals that the UAF intend to step up their attacks on the BNP and democracy. Some parts were undecipherable sorry.
What we need to do is take them on, on the streets as as as a community???

There are places I know in Gateshead where the BNP regularly meet and I think it would be fantastic if we an infinite???? number of people turn up at their pub where they meet every so often, they would stop meeting there, the pub would stop letting them carry on.

Thats what we need to do. We need to make it so that every person here tonight leaves their contact details so we can actually network - garbled - we can get in touch with people and we can get them out and make sure that they are unable to have, that they are unable to have their views poisoning our community.

In the recent elections in the -garbled- in the west end -garbled- and the BNP got sorted out on the street and got badly - garbled -.

We want to get out there and when that happens we want to stop them doing that, thats what we want to do, thats how to take them on. Not just take them on in the normal debate.
And still David Cameron, along with dozens of other politicians is still signed up as a supporter.

A big hat tip to Civil Liberty for providing the tape and information on Tony Dowling, violent thug of the violent UAF.

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