Tuesday, 23 June 2009

It is a simple question really.

John Wadham - Traitor

Well it looks as though the End Game may be taking place sooner than we thought and so I would advise that this is a time for cool heads, iron discipline and self control for the members of the British National Party.

The attack by the traitors of the Equality and Human Rights Commission is not unexpected but if John Wadham, the Quisling doing his Masters bidding thinks that this will cause the BNP to run and hide, he has another thing coming.

Now I speak only for myself here but I am sure that my view of The Establishment is shared by many members and supporters of the only patriotic party standing between the enslavement and eventual genocide of the truth British People.

We recognise that you have power over us but we do not recognise your legal or moral rights, no more than we would recognise the traitors who act as the puppets of an occupying army.

In fact it is our sworn duty to defy you and bring you down within the legal laws of this land. And remember this Wadham, laws can be changed and the British National Party will win and will change the laws to bring traitors like you to justice. (You can read the letter to the BNP here on the BNP Chronicle)

It is a simple question now kinsmen.

Do the indigenous peoples of Britain have the right to defend themselves against foreign invasion and dispossession under illegally imposed foreign rule. The right to their ethnic identity, and to determine their own future, under their own terms, in their own ancestral homeland?

Yes or No?

If your answer is yes and your are not already fighting alongside your kinsmen in the British National Party then it time now to get in line or go hide away in shame and one day, if your children survive what is coming, I hope they spit in your face.

The BNP are less than human

You can contact the Quisling filth below:

John Wadham, Group Legal Director,
Equality and Human Rights Commission
3 More London Riverside, Tooley Street, London, SE1 2RG.

Telephone number: 0203 117 0235

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