Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Truths we are not supposed to tell

Three of the Tottenham gang rapists

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

Anyone who watched Monday night's Dispatches documentary on Channel 4 “Rape in the City”, will have been amazed, not so much by the contents, but by the fact that the guardians of the multicultural flame at Channel 4 allowed such contents to be broadcast. Admittedly the main reporter was the refreshingly professional, and, by Channel 4 standards comparatively honest Sorious Samura from Sierra Leone, who has been responsible for some excellent past reporting from African war zones, however the subject matter was highly sensitive and focused on issues which the establishment usually seeks to suppress.

The subject in question was gang rape, and the troubling fact that it is a crime for which young black men are disproportionately responsible, in fact from the series of gang rapes Channel four investigated, of the 93 young men involved, 13 were white, 66 black and the others mixed race or Asian. Although I suspect that Asians may have been under represented in the sample, possibly due to the well documented reluctance of the police to prosecute such crimes within that community, as there can be little doubt the community cohesion censors at Channel 4 will have gone to great efforts to find as many whites as possible, we can be sure that blacks have not been unfairly over represented.

Based on the Channel 4 investigation, young black men of Afro Caribbean origin are committing more than five times as many gang rapes as young white men. However, the discrepancy is far greater than that, given that people of Afro-Caribbean origin are estimated to make up around 6% of the population, whilst whites are around 80% (down from 90% in 1999), by these figures, which nobody has disputed, their propensity to commit gang rape exceeds that of white youths by thousands of percent. (Perhaps someone better at maths than I can provide an accurate percentage.)

Indeed, it doesn't stop there, as came out during the programme most if not all of those white boys who did feature in the figures, were not members of gangs of white rapists, but the minority white members of mixed race or primarily black gangs, such as the single white boy amongst the mostly black gang who poured caustic soda on their victim, in the well publicised Tottenham gang rape last year.

As the whites appear to be primarily junior foot soldiers in such gangs, those who have become involved in such crimes could well be more representative of the effect which exposure to black culture can have on impressionable white boys, rather than evidence of a similar propensity amongst the white community.

Further evidence of this influence, was sadly evident amongst a number of the victims appearing in the documentary, who, although they were filmed in shadow, were clearly mostly white girls. These young women, whilst describing what was done to them, referred to other abusive events and relationships, which fell just short of rape, as if they were a natural and expected feature of the female interaction with the male.

Various references were made to young girls who appeared willing to accommodate a series of young men with mostly oral sex, almost as if they felt that was expected of them. In response to which we have to ask what sort of society we have created, and why it was created. Did young white girls think that way 50 years ago?

Of course Dispatches chanted the obligatory “tiny minority” mantra, pointing out that there are many young black men who do not commit gang rape, however, that is not entirely encouraging given how many of their brothers are at least one thousand percent more likely to commit gang rape than the host community. Let us not forget that the majority of black South Africans are not child rapists, yet a child is raped in South Africa every three minutes. It takes only a violent minority to tip civilisation into a crime ridden anarchy.

We have already seen the disproportionate number of young black men who are involved in knife crime , and the fact we actually have a separate police force Operation Trident dedicated entirely to dealing with gun crime in the black community, even the most argent of multiculturalists, it they are honest, has to accept that there is an issue here.

We have a section of our community which is disproportionately prone to violent crime to a massive degree, we see evidence of this every day, and yet we are not supposed to acknowledge it, even when programmes such as Dispatches reluctantly admit the facts. Furthermore, our leaders are actively seeking to add massively to that already growing and disproportionately criminal section of the community.

Surely this is madness and there can be only one outcome.