Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Plaid Cymru’s Communist Links Exposed

Plaid Cymru - supporting the Communist Party

The truth behind Plaid Cymru, the ‘Party of Wales’ — that it is little more than an extremist Communist Party front — has been revealed by Wales BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards.

The link between the Communist party of Great Britain and Plaid Cymru is detailed in this report by Councillor Edwards:

“The following is the copy of an email that I have sent to Leanne Woods, Plaid Cymru AM, regarding her donation of £25 to the Communist Party of Great Britain. No doubt she will try to wriggle out of her answers when she replies.

Dear Miss Woods,

May I draw your attention to the following on the Communist Party of Great Britain website:

.“Our fighting fund received help from an unexpected source this week — Plaid Cymru Welsh assembly member LEANNE WOOD donated a handy £25, which shows the breadth of the Weekly Worker’s appeal.”

The Communist Party of Great Britain are obviously very pleased to have received your donation.

I find it deeply disturbing that a prominent member of Plaid Cymru has such an affinity with such a far left wing group.

I also find it disturbing that the Communist Party of Great Britain has the following policies:

“The working class must be organised globally. Without a global Communist Party, a Communist International, the struggle against capital is weakened and lacks coordination. Communists fight for extreme democracy in all spheres of society.”

(Could you please explain to me what you mean by “Extreme Democracy.”)

“We will use the most militant methods objective circumstances allow to achieve a federal republic of England, Scotland and Wales, a federal Ireland and a United States of Europe.”

(Could you please explain to me what you mean by “most militant methods” and do you support a federal republic of Wales and a United States of Europe. Are they also the policies of Plaid Cymru?)

“Socialism is the first stage of the worldwide transition to communism — a system which knows neither wars, exploitation, money, classes, states nor nations. Communism is general freedom and the real beginning of human history.”

(As a member of Plaid Cymru do you accept that “Socialism is the first stage to the worldwide transition to communism?”

May I also ask since you accept the principles of the CPGB as your financial donation would indicate, did you follow their final piece of advice and join the Communist Party?

I look forward to your reply in due course.

Unusually enough she did reply, and agreed to being interviewed on the telephone. After a short while she admitted that she did indeed support the communists.” — Councillor Kevin Edwards, West Wales British National Party, Penygroes.

Footnote By Green Arrow

You might also be interested in this story also about Leanne Woods and her attitude to those in her constituency who do not share her views of unchecked immigration into Wales.

One also wonders if the members and supporters of the corrupt Lib/Lab/con/Plied alliance in Wales, who have united under the Searchlight banner, are aware that the both the Chairman, Rob Griffiths and Secretary of Searchlight Wales are both members of the Communist Party?

Do they even care?