Tuesday, 28 April 2009

No Right of Reply for BNP!

Silenced by The Establishment

In another biased article from the left-wing rag, the ‘South Wales Evening Post’, the anti-BNP journalist lobby teams up with Carmarthenshire MP Adam Price to protect Plaid’s dwindling majority  by trying to claim that ‘Voters will not be swayed by BNP.
Which of course is fair enough, as after all Price is entitled to hold and express his opinions, and it’s the journalist’s paper after all.
But what’s not fair enough is the marked absence of any right of reply then afforded to the BNP by the South Wales Evening Post, who decline to provide any sense of balance in their agenda-driven articles.

So, just to redress some of the balance missing from the local press, we print below the ‘Right of Reply’ letter that the ‘South Wales Evening Post’ refuses to acknowledge:

To: The Editor, South Wales Evening Post.

Dear Sir,

I read with interest the article entitled ‘Voters will not be swayed by BNP’ (Post 16/4/09) where the Plaid MP for Carmarthen East & Dynefwr, Adam Price, alarmed at the collapsing support for Plaid in his constituency, tried to claim that because men from Ammanford went to fight against fascist totalitarianism in Francos’ Spain that somehow this would help to protect his seat from being challenged in a democratic election in Carmarthenshire.

On the contrary, I have no doubt that such men would have no difficulty in recognising precisely the far-left totalitarian fascism that Adam Price and modern-day Plaid represent. They would recognise an arrogant political elite which betrayed its’ own people by favouring foreign candidates with a taxpayer funded project called ‘Operation Black Vote.’ (Ref 1 & 2)

What would such men have thought of a muslim Plaid AM leading an Islamic march through a Welsh city? (ref 3)  And what would such men have thought of being represented by a Plaid MP with a passion for interracial, man-on-man action which totally compromised his ability to speak out against the spread of Islamic mosques in Carmarthenshire? (ref 4 and 5)

Adam Price and Plaid are clearly worried that people in Carmarthenshire are seeing through their smears and becoming ‘swayed’ by BNP policies such as devolving democratic power to the lowest community level possible, ensuring that  government is truly accountable to the people who elect it, and guaranteeing them an urgently needed fundamental ‘Bill of Rights’ for British people. (ref 6)

With a taxpayer funded income of £317,496 in equivalent pay at stake, (ref 7) the honourable member for Carmarthen East & Dynefwr can perhaps be excused for expressing his fear of BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards representing Penygroes, and whom he describes as '
Carmarthenshire’s only BNP Community Councillor’.

Whilst I would not wish to deny Adam Price his delusion that no-one has been swayed by the BNP in Carmarthenshire, I would however advise him that in the case of Llandybie Community Council, it’s a trap. There’s already at least two of them on this one.

Yours sincerely,
Brian Mahoney.
Regional Organiser.
Wales BNP


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