Friday, 24 April 2009

Nice little smear by the BBC on behalf of the state

"Smears" McBride and "I eat Snot" McBroon

The BBC, probably acting on behalf of their political masters that keeps feeding them taxpayers money, is doing its little bit to attack the British National Party by bending the truth in biased reports as usual.

Today in a tiny article they shout out;
A candidate for the British National Party (BNP) has been arrested by armed police in Suffolk.
But armed police. I ask you. They report that David Lucas, a BNP candidate in the European Elections was arrested in connection with an incident at his farm last year. Incident? Last year?

Of course if you dig a little deeper you find out that the incident they refer to was a large fund raising party that was held on Davids property at which an old army weapon was on display.

And wait....Yep before I can finish the article the guys up on the BNP site have pushed out the truth. Well done guys. Best you go there now and get the full facts.


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