Saturday, 11 April 2009

Harriet asks Gerry to Service Her Battle Bus

Harriet's already got the Hate - by the bucketful.
Can Gerry bus in some hope for her ? Not a chance

by johnofgwent

I could have sworn I saw this story on a couple of patriotic sites earlier which is why I did not add it after my post explaining why the tories are worried. But no matter, I shall soon fix that.

Yesterday I picked up a google news item from the Press Assiciation sugegsting Harriet harman is out there mobilising anything and everything she can to Stop The British National Party at all costs. You can read the PA article for yourself here but there are the key points of note:-
The British National Party is stronger than ever and could pose a major threat to Labour in the upcoming European elections, the Labour Party's deputy leader has said. Harriet Harman said: "It is a worry. Certainly they (the BNP) are a bigger threat than they have been before."

In areas where there is heavy BNP activity, Labour ... is also teaming up with anti-fascist groups and sending in anti-BNP "battlebuses". "The party is focused on the BNP in this election in a way it hasn't been previously," she said.

Speaking on Thursday after a campaign visit to the North West, where BNP leader Nick Griffin is a candidate, Ms Harman added: "Most people are not aware the BNP is standing."

Oh Harriet, the depth of your despair must be deep and black indeed. Let's start with the last bit of that quote. "Most People are Not Aware The BNP are standing...."

Oh really. Do you not read the Daily Fail then ? As long ago as the first week of march they most obligingly told the world that the BNP were lanching a Euro-Election campaign. Blogs from India to Canada picked up the Daily Mail's story about the "Polish Spitfire" and included the pic of Nick Griffin in tuxedo and bow tie for good measure.

The bottom line is most of the internet-connected world knows we are standing to give the British Electorate a chance to vote for a party that listens to what they say and tries to give them what they want, which, let us be honest, is hardly a strapline you could use for your election campaign is it ? When did you or your party, and most especially your party leader ever take time to listen to the people you believe you have the divine right to demand the worship of ? Hell if you used a strapline that you listened and delivered, you'd be in a cell for breaking the rules about adverts needing ot be "legal decent honest and truthful".

Oh hang on a minute, political campaign ads don't have to do that. which is just as well for you.

And the best is yet to come. Read that line In areas where there is heavy BNP activity, Labour ... is also teaming up with anti-fascist groups and sending in anti-BNP "battlebuses"

I wonder how much they are paying Gerry Gable for his services. Harriet, you do know the last decent Labour leader, John Smith, worked bloody hard to remove the influence of men and women like him, dedicated to the cause of the Communist Party, from your party in order to bring it back from the wilderness into which Michael Foot led it, and to make it electable again. Are you sure you want to be in such a hurry to sacrifice that cushy parliamentary salary and expense racket you're running ?