Sunday, 19 April 2009

Can Labour find a decent "General Secretary"

by johnofgwent

The Labour Party may well be looking for another General Secretary soon. They do seem to be getting through them faster than Harry Potter disposes of "Defence Against The Dark Arts" masters.

First they lost Peter Watt when it became clear he knew about the money laundering done by David Abrahams - funding the party by handing cash to his employees and insisting they donate it to the cause in their names, while his company collected planning consent after planning consent.

Then David Pitt-Watson a hedge fund manager was handed the job, but never took up the post when he found it required him to take personal liability for the financial consequences of his actions and no self-respecting banker would ever allow that, would they ?

And now it seems the guy Gordon found to do the job, Ray Collins, met the guys behind the Red Rag website and the dodgy emails from number 10 intended to smear political opponents.

Mr Collins said the meeting took place at the premises of the union Unite in December. That was after the Red Rag website at the centre of the scandal was set up.

Former Labour spin doctor Charlie Whelan, union official Andrew Dodgson and journalist Kevin Maguire were also at the meeting, the newspaper claimed.

Mr Collins said it was to "discuss online digital campaigning and how we could support and encourage left-of-centre websites and bloggers".

He added: "This meeting was not about scurrilous rumour, personal attacks or smears as I would have been furious that such things could be seen as legitimate tools of political debate."

So you are ... "furious that such things could be seen as legitimate tools of political debate" are you, Ray ? And you expect me to believe you aren't paying Gerry Gable for his "left-of-centre website"