Saturday, 11 April 2009

British Car Tax for Spanish Workers.

by johnofgwent

Got a car ? Had your Vehicle Excise Duty reminder ? Look at what's come with it. A piece of blurb offering you an entry in a prize draw if you tax your car online.

"If you tax or SORN on-line or by phone this month you will be entered into a FREE prize draw for one of three brand-new SEAT Ibiza "EcoMotive" cars. For more information on the Prize Draw, (including full terms and conditions) please visit"
And the car is - A SEAT IBIZA.

So let's get this straight shall we. BRITISH (CAR) TAX - which we all know is nothing more than daylight robbery to replenish Gordon and Alistairs empty coffers - is now buying Spanish Cars and Subsidising Spanish Workers.

Oh how different things are in the glorious Republique Francaise. Over there they know a thing or two about ensuring French Jobs For French Workers. Nicholas Sarkozy has just come under fire for greasing the way for french cars to continue to be made by french workers. Part of the deal he has offered to bale out the French motor industry requires the closure of a plant in Slovenia and the repatriation of the work they were going to do to french factories staffed by french workers. Read about it in the glorious technicolour tittifalarious Sun. Except this time it's the One Eyed Scottish Idiot who is shown to be a right tit.

But I had the last laugh. In order to comply with british laws on gambling, the DVLA cannot offer prizes that require a purchase be made, so the link they give for "full details" includes the way to enter the draw without making a purchase. You just enter your name, address, and email details (so Special Branch can track you) and there you go.

C'mon people. Go there and enter the draw, if a BNP supporter wins it we can get the car resprayed with a union jack and let Nick Griffin borrow it to drive to Brussels to deliver his maiden speech.