Sunday, 12 April 2009

The News of the World and the BNP

Another Day, another smear

Perhaps Sunday is going to be a fun day after all. And all thanks to the News of the World rag, that is only surpassed by the legendary National Enquirer for sensational headlines and smears.

During my time in the Navy, we referred to the toilet paper as the News of the Screws and now the news is, is that it is trying to screw and smear the BNP with laughable results.

Now I would not normally insult your intelligence by sending you such a site but this time I must. You simply must read their rubbish and then try and add a comment of your own.

They are having a pop at a future British National Party MEP and Deputy Leader of the the party, Simon Darby who has just returned from bridge building operation in Milan.

If the white race is going to survive in Western Europe then we are going to need all the friends we can get. Good move Simon. But if you ask me, I think you have a legal case against this rag.

The NOTW, pathetically attempts to smear Simon with an image of men with raised arms but I wonder just who those men are and who planted them there?

Well I gave the game away in the image. It will not be the first or the last time the press has "created" a story to smear the BNP on orders from No 10.

The News of the World writers obviously went to the same school of smear as the No 10 creep, Damian McBride who is paid huge sums of taxpayers money, as an adviser, for the sole purpose of helping keep the Labour Party in power. Not going to happen Damian. They are toast.

Think about this people, if the government will smear the conservatives then just how far will they go to smear the only hope for Our Country, the British National Party?

Oh well must go. Time to go and smear some burnt toast.