Sunday, 26 April 2009

Petition the Prime Minister to resign

Good morning BNP.  Wish it was one of those Sundays where I could throw out some music links and just waffle on about this that or the other but sadly that is not the case today.

Lots happening, as you know. 

Well this government and this unelected (Let them eat Snot - I Do) Prime Minister has ruined not just our day but our lives also, so let us give him a kick by signing this Petition here on the official site of the Prime Ministers Office.

He will not resign.  He will have to be kicked out.  And when he goes, he will be a cry baby and whine that we never understood his vision. 

So come on, we can pay for a few more of his mobile phones and printers for him to throw about when he hears of this petition. 

So come on guys. Please go sign the petition and put two fingers up to the pig with his fingers up his nose.


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