Saturday, 18 April 2009

Ex-MP Alice Mahon Leaves Labour Party

by johnofgwent

full story here

I don't believe every labour MP is a blair arse kisser. I never have thought that and today my faith that there are some people out there who joined the party and stood for parliament thinking they could make a difference for the people has received an uplift, of sorts.

Former Labour MP Alice Mahon has resigned from the party saying she has "lost faith with it".

Mrs Mahon, 71, was a member of Parliament for Halifax from 1987 until 2005, when she quit the Commons. She considered resigning in 2005 but remained to see if Gordon Brown could make Labour "caring". Mrs Mahon added: "I couldn't have been more wrong".

A spokesperson said she had been "a good servant for the people of Halifax". Mrs Mahon, who had "totally disapproved of everything Tony Blair was doing", told the BBC she "couldn't have stood another term under his leadership". But when he stood down she stayed in the party, hoping for a change of direction when Gordon Brown became leader. "I hoped we might go back to being a caring and progressive party. In the event I couldn't have been more wrong."

Well Alice, at least you have seen the way Blair and Brown have taken the party whose principles you thought worth sticking with. Many who will vote for the party in a few weeks, and in the next year, have yet o open their eyes, but I will not gloat, for the destruction these men have wrought on people's dreams is a matter for shame and sorrow.