Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Abergavenny BNP Stall Members Conduct Praised In South Wales Argus by Llanyrafon Resident.

by johnofgwent

I sometimes read the South Wales Argus. I sometimes write to it, and sometimes my letters have an effect, but more of that later. But right now I want to sens a public thank you to a Mr King, of Llanyrafon, Cwmbran, Torfaen.

Writing to the editor of the South Wales Argus, Mr King, who says he visits Abergavenny each month, expressed his shock at finding a BNP stall in the town, and says his usual action on finding such a stall is to ignore it, but he wished to write to lambaste and lampoon the antics of a "Lib Dem Supporter" who, having lost the argument with the softly-spoken people manning the stall, proceeded to rant to all and sundry that not one of the people on the stall lived in the area and not one of them had any right to be there.

An action, said Mr King, that not only made the said Liberal Democrat look a fool, but which gave more credence to the BNP than they deserved.

Well Mr King was right on one count. The Illiberal Undemocratic chap who wished to see the softly spoken, well dressed members of a legal political party run out of town for using their right in law to quietly distribute political party literature and information without fear of persecution did indeed look a prize fool. The stand was half way down the pedestrianised area and I heard this guy bursting his lungs from the car park over half a mile away.

Indeed I understand that the new WalesBNP TV camera caught all of this prize pillock's ranting but we can't show you all yet because every time Roger goes to edit the clip the volume this chap generates makes his ears bleed.

But I offer my thanks to you, Mr King, for taking the time to write to the newspapers and express your view as to who was the quietly spoken, well turned out professional politician, and who the loud-mouthed thug.