Saturday, 11 April 2009

Any questions: "Is The BNP REALLY a threat in the EU Elections"

by johnofgwent

Sound Only Selected here, I'm afraid. No time to assemble a posh video for youtube !! Friday's ANY QUESTIONS on Radio 4 repeated today was an eclectic mix. But the last question posed by a member of the audience was "Is the BNP **REALLY** a threat in the European Elections".

Jumping to the defence of - or to put the boot into - Harriet for her remarks are Yesterday's Man Ken Livingstone, Operation Black Vote "success story" Priti Patel, who wormed her way onto Diddy David Cameron's "A" List by her colour, instead of by merit, Spectator Columnist Frazer Nelson and Maajid Nawaz, a Pakistani with a British Passport who as a leading member of Hizb-Ut-Tahria, was allowed to "stir it" in London, but on entering Egypt - who rightly consider Hizb-Ut-Tahria a terrorist group, gave him four years in stir with free torture included.

Ken Livingstone says we are, and thinks we will win three seats. He blames the BNP success on the lack of council housing available to british people but denies any is handed out to immigrants "because we don't build any new ones, disregarding how existing stock is allocated"

Frazer Nelson
thinks we need to be taken "very seriously indeed" because we are the benefactor of a protest vote. He perpetuates the lie that the BNP have stolen Gordon Brown's "British Jobs For British Workers" slogan and threaten to mean it (!).

Priti Patel "agrees we're out and about in her part of the world" and jobs for british people is the reason we will be successful unless the mainstream parties go out and debunk our propaganda.

And "Former Terrorist" Nawaz says we're using the same tricks that he used to further Islamic extremism.

Listen to it for yourself by grabbing the MP3 from here