Monday, 20 April 2009

Thank you Dude and thank you Guardian

Just finished watching the above video, sent to me by our kinsman, The Dude, that is about the rise of of Islam in Eastern Europe. Made me rather depressed. It is a long video for a blog, 8 minutes but I urge you to watch it, as it reveals our future if we do not prevail. I found it very disturbing.

On the subject of videos. This site gets sent dozens every week and I try to watch them all but time is tight, as Booker T once said and if I do not respond I apologise now.

Video producers are more than welcome to have their own area on the Green Arrow Forum which has a growing readership. It takes about 30 seconds to insert a video into a post, maybe a minute if you type an intro. The offer is there. I would do it for you but simply do not have the time.

Now for the bit that cheered me up but I am not sure why.

The Guardian, the toilet paper of choice for smug individuals employed by taxpayers to do non jobs is having a pop at the British National Party over what they call "a leaked internal guide". This guide has actually been available for download from the BNP site for quite some time but I will not spoil their story.

So shall we see what was in this "internal document". Here we go.

you can secure support from votes from voters who normally vote Tory by being effectively anti-Labour and similarly in a Tory area secure Labour votes by being anti-Tory.”
Hmm. That cannot be good for the boys of the BNP. Telling a voter whatever he wants to hear just to gain his vote. Naughty. Ooops. Sorry, wrong campaign guide. That quote is from the Liberal Democrats guide. Did the Guardian report on that story? No silly. Of course not.

So back to the The Gruniard, reporting on sites such as this and the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site. They take exception to the fact that we reveal what a bunch of crooks, conmen, perverts and paedophiles fill the ranks of the One Party Lib/Lab/con alliance called The Establishment. How unfair of us.

Incidentally the information on the last addition to the LBT site is not 100% correct. I did not report that the age of the victim who was "allegedly" raped by a conservative councillor is only 13. Sorry about that. I shall endeavor to tighten up my act.

Then this bit. And I suppose this is the bit that made me smile. The rag refers to the state run Searchlight organisation. An organisation that has more false flag sites than the United Nation has flags.
Now if the Guardian wanted a "real" story, why do they not start digging into Searchlight and revealing the truth about it? Not difficult. The work has already been done for them in the documents above. Is there not one "hack" out there with the courage to dig for the truth? Not in the NUJ it seems.