Friday, 10 April 2009

BNP Come in Second Place. God help us.

Liberal Democrats - as crooked as the rest

I was not going to write any more this evening. After the last article posted, I dug out my maps on the Battle of Gettysburg, checked out my troops position in the simulator game I am playing as Robert E. Lee (when I get time) and compared their current locations on start of day two of the battle to the actual state of play back in July 1863.

Only real difference I see, is that I managed to keep Archer and his brigade out of captivity but Reynolds still dies, which is a major loss to the Union side. But my troop dispositions are very similar to what happened, as are the casualty figures.

Well knowing the time line of the real Battle, I have been looking at the maps and wondering if I can bypass Culp's Hill, leave it to "those folk" and go straight for Cemetery Ridge and move up my artillery.

But before starting, I thought I had better check to see if anything was happening and saw that some trembling liberal democrat was panicking at the results of the Moston by-election, where we whipped them into third place.

Then of course that starts me off on one of my quests and so I start digging on information about the Liberal Democrats and what do I find? Go on ask me. What did I find? I will tell you.

Back in February, there was a debate in parliament about their "standards" which had been called for by the Liberal Democrats. They moved that the government "restore the trust of the British public in Parliament as an institution and in politics as a profession".

And a very interesting debate it was, as you can see from the following that was taken from Hansards. I have taken the liberty of emboldening parts and removing some lines to shorten the post. Remember it was the Liberal Democrats who initiated this debate...........................

Mr. Vara: .

The hon. Member for Somerton and Frome said that he hoped that we would all speak with the same voice, but if a political party tables a motion like the one that the Liberal Democrats have tabled, it is worth putting on record their inconsistency and examining how they have behaved in ways totally contrary to the way in which they expect the rest of us to behave.

For example, the motion speaks of

the need for urgent action to restore the trust of the British public in Parliament as an institution and in politics as a profession”,

David Howarth: Will the hon. Gentleman give way?

Mr. Vara: I have given way to the hon. Gentleman and he will have an opportunity to speak later.

The Lib Dems speak of restoring

the trust of the British public in Parliament...and in politics as a profession.

Let us consider the idea of the Lib Dems talking about trust in British politics. On page 21 of their campaign document, “Effective Opposition”, produced by the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors, it says:

Be wicked, act shamelessly, stir endlessly.

On page 23, it says:

“Don’t be afraid to exaggerate. For example, responses to surveys and petitions are always ‘massive’. If a council is doing something badly public expressions are always of ‘outrage’”,

and on page 4, it states:

Positive campaigning will NOT be enough to win control of the council.

On page 6, it says that

you can secure support from votes from voters who normally vote Tory by being effectively anti-Labour and similarly in a Tory area secure Labour votes by being anti-Tory.”

It goes on to say:

Oppose all service cuts...No cut is going to be popular and why court the unpopularity that goes with the responsibility of power”.

2 Feb 2009 : Column 651

Finally, the document— [ Interruption. ] I see that my reminder to the Lib Dems of their campaigning tactics is too much for the hon. Member for Somerton and Frome (Mr. Heath), who moved the motion, because he has had to leave the Chamber. It is a pity. I presume that he knows it already, and that was why he felt it necessary to leave.

On page 33—I am coming to the end of my quotations from this document—it states:

You are NOT running the council. It’s NOT your problem.”

At the last elections—the London elections—the party that has so graciously tabled the motion decided to break the rules. In December 2008, Ofcom ruled that the Lib Dem London mayoral television adverts were in “extremely serious breach” of guidance outlined by the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice. Indeed, the television companies were fined a total of £40,000 and it was later revealed that the Lib Dems could have been breaking Electoral Commission rules by not declaring the adverts as donations in kind.

My my my. How can the public trust any of the Establishment parties when they instruct their activists(who must be lowlifes to belong to a party that employs such tactics) to lie to the public when speaking to them.

Imagine the outcry if that information had come from a British National Party document. Public outcry and a call for the party to be proscribed.

There is only one party that says what it means and means what it says and that is the British National Party. Remember that on June the fourth.