Saturday, 11 April 2009

The EDP, EFP and the BNP

erWhat game are you really playing Steve?

Happy Easter BNP. But the war does not stop for Easter, so lets move on.

Now I know the title of this article is like something out of The Life of Brian with the PLO, the PPLO, the Judean Popular Front, etc but this is serious business so, if you watched the link stop laughing and read on. Enjoy Wellard.

Most of you will never heard of the first two political parties, so some background information on them first.

The English Democratic Party(EDP), is a Euro Sceptic party that wants (quite rightly), that England be recognised and treated as a unified country in the same way that Wales and Scotland are recognised as countries.

They also believe that anyone can be "English" and accepts membership from all people who live in England of all colours and religions, including Jews and Muslims, which is fine by me. Although I would dispute the fact that "anyone" can be English simply just by the fact of living in or occupying the Country.

Simply put they are a "civic nationalist" party. Something I could never subscribe to. They also have no problems with members belonging to other political parties. Now that last bit was important, so remember that fact.

Next we have the English First Party(EFP) and are off into the realms of fantasy and state subversion. Now I have a lot of information on the EFP party and information on how it has been infiltrated by state agents but that is for another day.

Now the membership of the EFP, as anyone who knows will tell you or visits Stormfront, is made up of people who really do understand the meaning of the word hate when it comes to Jews and Moslems. But they do also allow multiple political party membership. If you read this article here, you might be able to understand why.

Incidentally one of the bans I received on SF was for asking the named EFP member, why he was calling on all nationalists to vote UKIP in the euro elections and not supporting nationalist parties. Why was the Green Arrow banned. I know why. Do you boys?

So has you can clearly see. Here we have two diametrically opposed political parties, with absolutely nothing in common. Did I say nothing. Sorry I am wrong. They both have a deep hatred of the British National Party and their chairman (did I tell you I once met him) Nick Griffin.

Now this is where it starts to getting interesting (at least to me). Nick Griffin is standing for the North West Region in the coming European Elections. Also standing for that region, is Ed Abrams (who as the name implies is Jewish) and is currently the English Democratic Party spokesman. So far so good.

No problems with that. Until I read that an alliance has been struck between the EDP and the EFP solely for the purpose of preventing the British National Party winning the seat.

Now an alliance between the EDP and the EFP is akin to the BNP and Moslem Respect Party uniting. It seems impossible to conceive. But it is true as a bit of digging reveals.

Over on the British Democracy forum, a man by the name of Steve Uncles, another EDP spokesman and candidate in the South East Region, confirms that this indeed is the case and I have taken the liberty of clipping some of the comments from that forum.

This is a post that was directed to Steve Uncles:

The evidence is as follows:-

You personally entered into discussions with representatives of the EFP to discuss an alliance and cooperation. TRUE or FALSE?

The poster "England For Ever" confirmed on this forum he was a member of both the EFP and the EDP. TRUE or FALSE?

This poster also confirmed that he would be campaign for the EDP this June which aimed to stop Nick Griffin getting elected. TRUE or FALSE?

You gleefully confirmed this point. TRUE or FALSE?

You have not condemned the EFP and confirmed that you allow membership of other parties including the EFP. TRUE or FALSE?

Before Steve Uncles could respond , the poster by the name of England for Ever, who is a member of the EFP responded with;

Well Steve, you have got the BNP right worried and so they should be, the EDP need only take a couple of thousand votes off the BNP in the NW and Gri££in has failed - and it's not just Europe thats got the BNP all in a tither - they are going metal that we are standing in there target wards in Burnley too - bring it on

PS, The BNPers still all in a tither that the EDP and EFP have joined up to fight this years elections,

Finally Steve Uncles is backed into a corner and can no longer escape the demands for him to answer his accusers and responded with;

A) I had a delegated responsiblity to talk to ALL English Nationalist Parties to hopefully bring them altogether under the same banner - this was on behalf of the English Democrats National Council.

B) That may be the case, we do however not monitor the membership of other parties of individual members of the English Democrats - how could we ?

C) We welcome all those who will join our EU Campaign in England & indeed North West England to fight British Nationalism with English Nationalism.


E) If I personally agreed with ALL the policies of the England First Party, then I would have joined them when they had two councillors elected - however I don't. TRUE we allow membership of other political parties when the other political parties are NOT standing against the English Democrats.

OK there we have it at last. An admission that there is collusion between these two parties to try and undermine the British National Party vote in the coming elections.

Now it will be no good the EDP saying that this was an unofficial action on the part of Steve Uncles. He is one of their most senior spokesmen. He is a candidate. That argument will not wash.

Knowing what I do about Operation Wedge, I cannot help but wonder if both sides have been duped but let us forget that for the moment.

I am wondering what the Jewish, Moslem and black members of the EDP are going to make of the fact that their party is working in collaboration with a heavy duty White Nationalist Party (tiny though it may be) that would kill the lot of them tomorrow given half the chance.

I am wondering what their Jewish candidate Ed Abrams is going to make of this business. As he been asked if he wants the support of people who hate him and his race?

Then I wonder what the membership of the neo-Nazi EFP are going to do. Are they really going to go out on the streets and campaign for a Jew?

Are they really going to support a "civic nationalist" candidate over the British National Party candidate? Is their hatred of the BNP and Nick Griffin that great.

So that is it. As usual I have the supporting evidence to my claims safely tucked away. One last word and it is to the remaining members of the EFP. Be careful lads and watch what you say. You have at least one state/Searchlight agent in your midst. Do not let them wind you up into doing something silly that might endanger your freedom.