Wednesday, 22 April 2009

BNP activist attacked for handing out leaflets

One of our oldest activists, old age pensioner Peter Frenette, the Organiser for South Cambridgeshire has been viciously assaulted by a UAF thug who was one of a gang of three who attacked a British National Party stall in St Neots.

Mr Frenette, of Cock Audley, Little Paxton, said:

"We had been handing out leaflets and were mostly well received by the public. Then these three men came up and one of them started shouting at me, calling me a racist and a bigot.

"He started pushing me and grabbed my leaflets and began to rip them up. My colleague, who is in his 60s, was also confronted and was being pushed. There was about six of us out there. They stole about £60 of our leaflets which were later found ripped up and in bins.

"I tried to be calm and told him we were a legitimate party and that we had a right to be here and that we were a democratic party but he was just so furious there was no talking to him. He was really hate-filled and it was impossible."
What is happening here, is not assault. It is political terrorism that is encouraged by the state, who do not care what tactics or how much violence is used to attack the British National Party, so long as the people are denied the opportunity to read the truth for themselves.

And still, there will be silence from all the corrupt, crooked and perverted pigs whose names will still be shamefully displayed on the sites of Unite Against Freedom that are the bully boys of the establishment. David Cameron fans? Care to tell us why?

Remember this, you cowards and beaters of old men. The wheel is turning and in time, after due legal process, it will crush you. We never forget.