Wednesday, 15 April 2009

BNP activist falsely accused in Wanstead

Ms Tobin - Screamer

You will be subjected very shortly, to an explosion of articles on the red sites that support the Establishment, that a British National Party activist has been arrested in Wanstead over a "racist attack".

In the article on ThisIsLocalLondon, a black mother of two, Shirlene Tobin has alleged that a local BNP activist racially abused her after she tried to return a leaflet that had been put through her letterbox.

The nurse, who works at Whipps Cross University is now apparently too terrified to leave her home, since this this incident was supposed to have happened on Tuesday evening.

No doubt all that leave with full pay will soon aid her recovery but looking at the size of her, I am surprised that anything could frighten her. If anything, if I was delivering leaflets, she would frighten me.

John Evans, the BNP candidate in next weeks by-election said;
“I am aware of this incident but knowing the BNP members in this area as I do I am sure none of them would have done this.

“As our leader Nick Griffin has made clear - anyone found bringing the name of the British National Party into disrepute will be expelled with immediate affect.”
Absolutely correct. But there will be no need for anyone to be expelled because the truth is completly different to the story published.

The Green Arrow can tell you this, although one of our lady activists was detained, she was released without charge and I hope to have a statement later this evening. She completely refutes these allegations and may consider legal action after seeking advice.

The chain of events leading up to our lady activists arrest is as follows, she, along with several elderly lady activists was confronted by an agitated and extremely abusive Ms Tobin, a notorious Screamer. Tobin a large woman, was considerably larger than any of our female activists and certainly did not appear to be in fear of anything or anyone and if anything tried to physically intimidate our people.

After trying to ignore The Screamer, the BNP activists moved off. Then, as they continued with their duties, our activist was amazed when she was picked up by the police and detained for over an hour.

Why Ms Tobin chose to charge shouting up the street, waving the leaflet that had been delivered is beyond me. Most sane people when receiving literature through their door, that they do not wish to read would simply curse the deliverers and redirect the offending leaflet to the waste bin.

As a result of this alleged attack, it now appears that the scheduled public debate between the candidates that was due to take place this evening will not now take place after the Labour Party candidate pulled out.

It would seem to me, that this whole business is a setup to deny the people of Wanstead, the opportunity of seeing the BNP whip the floor with the Labour candidate at the debate.

In this article here, you might remember me asking what the odds were on Labour pulling out of the debate. So whoever chose that option are the winners. Congratulations.

As usual, any information provided by readers will will be gratefully received and treated in confidence. Facebook might be a good place to start looking.