Thursday, 30 April 2009

NUT, Searchlight and the UAF

In January of this year, the National Union of Teachers (Nuts), voted in favour of establishing a political fund.

As announced on their website, the sole purpose of the political fund is to raise money to be "solely" used for the purpose of attacking the British National Party.
The term “political fund” has a special meaning in the law which relates to unions. It is not just a fund out of which a union pays for political campaigns and activity. These can be paid for, as they are paid for by the NUT campaigning for teachers and education, out of ordinary funds.
If you are a teacher or member of the NUT, who believes that your trade union should not be interring in the democratic process of Our Country but should be campaigning to improve the declining education standards that are now sub standard, then you have the legal right to opt out of paying into this fund. You can download an NUT Political Fund Exemption Notice here.

Teacher are also reminded that in the NUT fund-raising and campaign details, that you can download here, the document reveals the support of your trade union for the communist organisations Searchlight and the UAF, that have been responsible for vicious attacks on supporters and members of the British National Party. By giving your support to these evil organisations, you are condoning if not committing the following:
  • Verbal abuse of elderly paper sellers
  • Physical attacks on BNP members and supporters.
  • Death threats made by phone to children of BNP supporters and members.
  • Damage of property to members and supporters of the BNP.
  • Intimidatory phone calls to possible venues that have permitted BNP meeting to take place.
  • Theft of property.
Regardless of whether you are a conservative, labour or even Liberal Democrat supporter, then you should not support state sponsored bodies such as Searchlight/UAF that advocates and encourages violence to silence those they disagree with politically.

The British National Party condemns all violence. So should you.

If you can face down a class of todays teenagers without fear then you can face down a trade union that wishes to use your money to subvert and undermine democracy.

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