Thursday, 30 April 2009

News in from Jumadal Ula

Green Arrow discovers the location of Jumadal Ula
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Never let it be said that the Green Arrow does not know how to laugh at himself.

By now, all readers of Nationalist Blogs have come to realise that one of the ways that the New World Order intends to subvert Our Country from within, is to flood it with refugees, illegal refugees, immigrants, illegal immigrants, migrants, illegal migrants and if necessary Martians and give them the vote(please read this document- very important).

All are welcome, providing they vote for The Establishment parties, with their "Sod the Country" policies so long as they feather their own nests.

And to ensure their success, they have helped set up Operation Black Vote, Operation Asian Vote and the Searchlight Party that combines every person in the world who hates the British National Party.

Searchlight, of course as you know, is led by its communist owner Gerry Gable, who is still seeking revenge, after discovering his wifes "friendship" with several National Front activists. Come on Gerry, forgive her. It was a long time ago and I am sure she has stopped making comparisons by now.

But going back to Operation Black Vote, I was interested to read over on the Nigerian, Daily Independent, that a British political party called the Christian Party had set up two offices in Nigeria to arrange proxy votes for Nigerians to vote in the coming European Elections.
Hargreaves told a press conference in Lagos that his party plans to build a voting bloc among British Nigerians and other Africans, who he lamented are the targets of bad policies by the country's far right politicians, especially the British National Party (BNP).
Incredible isn't it. Every man and his dog are being recruited, in order to prevent the British National Party making gains in the coming elections.

Democracy is a wonderful thing but when misused it is a deadly weapon that can be used against a nation. One man. One Vote. ONCE.

Then moving on, I read a rather long article in the Daily Triumph by some writer, called Taju Tijani. Usual stuff. Poor hard done by blacks, evil whites, evil British National Party, etc, etc.

And this where the Green Arrow slipped on a bannana. Wondering where the Daily Triumph was based he saw the words Jumada Ula next to the banner.

Jumada Ula? Where the bloody hell is that I thought? I have always loved geography and maps and wracked my brains indexings system for a clue. But zip. Nothing. Africa. Asia? Not a trace. Was it another Biarmaland or Atlantis?

Giving up, I turned to my search engines. Then I started laughing and when I stopped, I started writing this article. And this line HERE is where we are at now. Actually we are now HERE because I typed some more. Stop It now GA.

Because what my tired eyes had failed to recognise, was that that Jumadal is actually the day of the week in the Cult of the Dead Paedophiles calendar and Ula is the month.

So it turn out that Jumadal Ula 4, 1430 A.H. is actually Thursday April ,30, 2009.

What a numpty I can be. Some of you might like to read this other article that mentions the Islam Caldendar which is about as reliable as a dead rabbit for keeping track of time.

By the way. Good morning BNP.

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