Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Trade Unions passing on members details to Searchlight

"So let's see now. I think you said £5 per ten members?"

God but I am slow on the uptake sometimes. Why did I not twig that anything Gerry Gable did, would have to have something to do with shoving money in his pocket.

I have been reading about the Searchlight owned Dopes Don't Rate organisation and their involvement with the American company Blue State Digital in an article taken from the communist newspaper Morning Star.

You remember BSD, they claimed they won the election for the mixed race Obama, being careful of course not to mention that what really won the election for the mixed race moslem, was the fact that 95% of blacks voted for a mans colour and not his policies.

Neither of course, do they mention that they helped lose the election for Red Ken Livingstone in the elections for the Mayor of what used to be London. How quick they forget. But what do they care, so long as they earn a quick buck.

So just how did BSD come over the pond to work for Searchlight? Well let Nick Knowles of Searchlight tell you himself.
“The alliance with Blue State came about in two ways,” says Lowles.

“The person who set up the European arm of the company is a friend of mine and we both worked on John Cruddas’s campaign.
Nice one son. Nothing beats the old boy network. Envelope in the post?

Also interesting, was the fact that he revealed, of just what the trade unions are doing with the information held on their members, which is now of course held by the government also. Giving it to Searchlight.
“Trade unionists have huge email lists, but now we have a huge number of people actively joining us."
The creature, then goes on to crow about how Searchlight manage to control the Church of England who he said until then "at least publicly, distanced itself from politics".

Nice to see two diametrically opposed organisations working together. Even if one of them would wipe the other of the face of the earth. Communists and the Church united in common purpose. Strange bedfellows indeed.

Given that so far, all we have seen from BSD, is mentions of them in the press praising themselves up and that the Euro Elections are now just a few weeks away, I found the last bit of their article laughable.
A spokesman for Blue State says:.

“BSD will be working closely with Searchlight - developing messaging, email and fundraising campaigns to help supporters organise and mobilise - and then fight back against the BNP message of racism, intolerance and hate
Leaving it all a little bit late Elmer. If that is the best the hired rabbit gun-slinger can do, then best he get back on his horse, eat his lettuce and bugger off back over the pond.

The heavily funded BSD, weighted down by British tax payers money is a slow beast with the reaction time of a sloth.

The British National Party web activists with their sophisticated network of contacts are wiping the floor with them and it is only the "old boy network" that keeps the money rolling in for BSD and Gerry Gable.