Friday, 17 April 2009

Plaid Cymru - People of Wales will not be swayed

Councillor Kevin Edwards with BNP Chairman Mr Nick Griffin

Clearly worried about the vanishing support for Plaid Cymru in Wales, Carmarthen East MP, Adam Price has spoken out, after hearing about the increasing success of the British National Party on the streets of Wales.
The stand in Ammanford is the latest in a list of BNP events in east and south Carmarthenshire, all aimed at gearing up for the European elections in June, in which Carmarthenshire's only BNP community councillor — Penygroes's Kevin Edwards — is vying for a seat to represent Wales.

Reviewing the Easter weekend's activities on the BNP's West Wales blog, editor Mike Greene said: "Some of the local people were just inquisitive with questions such as 'What's this all about then?' Others were pleased to not only see us there, but to hear that they will also have the chance to vote BNP in the June elections."
Holding his dwindling band of supporters trembling hands, the Plaid MP said that the BNP would face massive opposition from the people in the area.
THE people of Carmarthenshire are above being swayed by right-wing rhetoric, a prominent Plaid Cymru MP has said.
Now why does the Green Arrow get the impression that those words will come back and bite the less than honourable MP right on his big fat bum.