Friday, 24 April 2009

Who said the British are lazy and do not wish to work?

At a time when the policies and actions of Plaid Curry and Labour have created a jobs vacuum in South Wales.
Conclusive proof  that mass immigration supported by Nia Griffiths MP and Helen Mary Jones AM spit in the eye of the now massively ignored Welsh Working Class of Llanelli.
MORE than 1,500 job-hunters are chasing 65 vacancies at a proposed new recycling plant — averaging at around 23 for each post.

Bosses at Dura Recycling in Bynea, Llanelli, said they had been shocked at the level of interest in the positions, even before the plant was finalised.

A decision on whether the factory is given the green light will be taken by councillors over the coming weeks.

Dura human resources manager Mair Thomas said: "We have been taken aback not only by the number of applications but also the quality of the candidates. It is quite staggering."

The company plans to recycle household waste and to build a training centre on the site of the derelict Dura factory and there are hopes that it could create a further 40 jobs with a centre for technical excellence, and a call centre for sales and co-ordination of contracts throughout the UK.
Only a vote for the British National Party will offer the ignored and neglected indigenous people of Llanelli the right to reclaim their Town.
Councillor Kevin Edwards


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