Thursday, 23 April 2009

Did the BNP play any part in the B & D Revelations?

BNP Councillor Bob Bailey

Yesterday, if you remember, in an the article entitled a Tale of Two Councils, I gave you an example of how British National Party Councillors help drive down expenses whilst at the same giving you examples of what the Liberal Democrats mean when they speak of Liberal Principles.

And reading today over on the Local Government Chronical, that at least 28 members of staff at Barking and Dagenham LBC have either been quizzed, resigned or dismissed as a result of an investigation into staff fraud involving hundreds of thousands of pounds of ratepayers money, I wondered, what, if any part, the BNP councillors had played in exposing these crimes.
The probe includes money laundering, forged passports, consultants holding two full time jobs and benefit fraud.
But Quizzed? Resigned? Dismissed? I do not want to read quizzed, resigned, dismissed. I want to read arrested, arrested, arrested.

I notice also that the LGC did not report on the fact that one employee in possession of a number of forged passports had "left" whilst being investigated. By left, do they mean fled? And where did this "employee" leave to? Hereford? Pakistan? Nigeria? We want to know.

And the government wants us all to have ID cards. They must think we are as stupid as them.

But back to the LGC for a good laugh.
The report emphasises the council's zero tolerance policy towards fraud.
I did attempt to contact British National Party Councillor Bailey to see if he was available for comment but understandbly he was away attending a St Georges Day event. Enjoy your day Bob.

No wonder the Lib/Lab/con alliance does not wish to see BNP councillors elected. They are terrified about what it is they will discover in the Councils these Establishment creatures cling to like leeches.

You can see who the BNP councillors are in B & D by clicking here.