Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Jews and BNP not welcome

Not really Kosher

So 14 members of staff, many of them "Asians" have been suspended (no doubt on full pay) by Lancashire Council, whilst an enquiry takes place into their sending and receiving of anti-Semitic jokes and it looks as though these 14 are just the tip of the iceburg.

But I know none of you are surprised by the above revelation, for it has long been known that if you want to work for a Labour Council you have to subscribe or at least pay lip service to your political masters and employers extreme views.

And these days, the enemy of the marxists is Israel and Jews. Unless you turn up for a job interview with a "I love Palestine" and "I support Hamas" badges pinned on your T-Shirt you have no chance of a job.

But the sweet irony of it all. The trade unions (who secretly hold the same views on Jews and Israel) are in a tizzy. How are they going to save these workers their jobs. Will they expel them from their Union? If it was a BNP person sending the emails, they would be calling for him to be shot.

And the Labour Councillors (who also secretly hold the same views) who control the council must be frothing at the mouth. I loved this bit taken from their Equality and Diversity page.
We are committed to promoting equality and diversity and to closing the gaps between people in social and economic wellbeing. Equality and diversity are part of the core purpose of our Corporate Strategy. They will run through everything that we do. Our commitment is underlined by legal duties to promote equality and diversity for people of every age, disability, faith, gender, race and sexual orientation.
Unless of course you are a member of the British National Party or a Jew. I wonder if they hate our Jewish BNP members more than they hate our Christian members? Good point GA.

Now you understand why they do not want British National Party Councillors being elected. People who hold racist views and expressed them publicly would soon be routed out. Especially if they were front desk in dealing with the public.

Some of you may be interested in this article concerning Manchester Council.

Now for a racist joke.

Q. How do you start a joke about Jews and Blacks?

A. By looking over your shoulder.

Suit yourself but I thought it was good.