Tuesday, 21 April 2009

French Police FINALLY do something about illegal Calais "Migrants"

An illegal migrant's shack in "the jungle" outside calais.
This one was home to a charming fellow and his mates
questioned over the gang rape of a british tourist

by johnofgwent

I'd like to take the credit for this in person (!!) but even though I pestered every one of my elected representatives AND the French Ambassador AND as many officials in France as I could find email addresses for, I doubt, I seriously doubt even the sight of my (noble norman french) surname really cut the mustard....

But it was with great pleasure that I read here that the French Police finally took action against the hundreds of ethnic migrants living in filth squalour and shit in makeshift plastic sheet tent cities outside calais until they can break open the back of a lorry and sneak into our country.

In this report put on the BBC News Web Site on the 13th March Clive Myrie explains in great detail how these people have stolen a passage in the back of lorries all the way from the middle east and asian subcontinent and have set up stinking hovels wallowing in shit where some have lived for a year or more, and how all these criminals try every night to break into a lorry, a van, a train, anything at all, to get to England.

It was the accompanying story on the BBC Ten O Clock news that prompted me to start writing to anyone and everyone I could asking why the French authorities permit these people to repeatedly break the law. I asked why these men were allowed to stay in france, unassisted by the French, but not repatriated, or at least threown back to the safe country from which they entered france.

And apart from one pathetic pithy reply from Plaid Cymru's Wales Regional MEP saying "we must remember the EU has a duty to look after these vulnerable people" the whole stinking sorry corrupt bunch of British Politicians taking the best part of a MILLION POUNDS a year between them are treating this issue like a giant "Elephant In The Room".

To Jill Evans I say if you feel so passionately that The European Union owes these people a living, why have you not obtained Monsieur Sarkozy's agreement that he will spend FRENCH Euros giving these poor wretches a home ?

If you try, then Good Luck with that, for because Britain will not sign the "Schengen Agreement" - and a bloody good thing too, for it would allow these buggers to rush headlong and unchecked into our country like a plague of diseased rats. For that reason Sarkozy is delighted to leave these people to starve as they try to break into Britain.

And what of the protests of the good burghers of Calais itself ? Well the French made a big "ooh la la" about the protests in BRITAIN over the "High Speed Rail Link" and mooned their fragrant french arses at us over the ease by which they tore up Picardy to build their side of this link, but did anyone report the riots in Marseilles when the othe rend of the line was planned ? Of course Not.

You see, anyone has ever lived or worked in this region of France as I have albeit briefly knows that no Parisian or Southern Frenchman gives a toss about it, which is why Sarkozy is happy to have these ethnics live there for months and years, steadily encrusting the surrounding fields in a layer of human shit.

And the french really do know how to deal with these scum - they leave them to starve to death - but unfortunately a collection of French Charities come and feed these people, and by doing so, just like the fools who feed seagulls on a beach, these charities contribute to propagating the problem

But while Sarkozy washes his hands - which is more than these stinking scum do - the Mayor of Calais is up in arms, blaming Britain's benefits system for the hordes of illegals quite literally shitting all over what used to be her town's back lawn.

In an angry attack in which she also called for millions in compensation, Natacha Bouchart said the UK was entirely to blame for the hordes of foreigners who use the French port as a staging point to get across the Channel.

Mrs Bouchart, who is a member of President Nicolas Sarkozy's ruling UMP party, said she was so disgusted by what was going on that she had refused to have any meetings with British government representatives.

Perhaps we need to show them how they should deal with people like this. Why not round up every one of the coppers who took part in the G20 cordon, pack 'em all in a "Le Shuttle" without an ID badge between them and send them to persuade these unwashed scum to go somewhere - anywhere - else.

LATE EDIT: And a 'hat tip' to 'IDA' on "ukdebate.co.uk" for adding the following newspaper cutting. I truly did not understand why these economic migrants hated the idea of resisgtering themselves as persecuted refugees fleeing persecution in that country.

I bloody well understand why now.