Sunday, 26 April 2009

The smears and attacks on the BNP continue

Read the above comment that I have taken from one of the UAF sites.  Now consider this.

The UAF site in question has comment moderation enabled and so by publishing the above comment clearly condones the writers views. 

The comment was left in response to a complete fabrication of an article concerning the attack on British National Party activists in Liverpool.  If you read the red rubbish version of events, their cowardly assault on people exercising their democratic rights,  are right up there with the Storming of the Bastille and the Storming of the Winter Palace.  Stupid fantasists.

The truth of course as you know was somewhat different.  Egged on by a trade union official (who once cut himself shaving and blamed the BNP), a bunch of thugs attacked a group of mainly elderly women activists and one of the red scrotes was arrested for his trouble.  Sadly, so to, was one of our activists, after a false claim of assault was made against him.

Now another one of their thugs will join the red dupe Daniel Searle in jail and come out with a criminal record whilst those who made the bullets for them to fire, cower in the background.

But in the image above you can see the purpose behind their increasing attacks on the patriots of the British National Party.  To frighten them into silence and submission.  Like hell they will.

The land rover mentioned is the one that was almost written off after the Claw Hammer Gang of the UAF attacked it with clubs and hammers.  Again more UAF dupes will soon be eating porridge.

But the reds see the imprisonment of a few fools well worth it if teaches a BNP activist that Freedom of Speech is not to be tolerated and "teach him a lesson".

And the police play their part in the attack on democracy.  Instead of defending our arrested patriots right to campaign for a legal political party.  They deny him access to Liverpool City centre to stop him canvassing.

It is called team work.  The UAF and the Police, tools of the Establishment.

And the press then play their part.  Smear after smear.  Outright lies and statements made by sources "who do not wish to be identified" and "some people are saying". And always at the bottom of the article, the name Searchlight

Bollox, bollox, bollox.  Is there not one journalist with a shred of honour and courage to do a little digging into who is orchestrating these attacks and smears on the British National Party?   Let me give you a clue. Searchlight.

And yet when the wheel finally turns and the BNP are in government, then everybody, including these journalists,  will all say they secretly supported the BNP all along.

Well if you have not got the balls to support the Party publicly then at least have the balls to put your X against the BNP box on Election Day.  That way you will at least have done something.

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