Monday, 20 April 2009

Top Labour Member - Labour Party has poor work ethic

What a letter box looks like.
Taken from the Labour Party Guide to Leafleting

Well can things get any better today for the British National Party? They can actually as you will find out later.

But first let us go to Rotherham, where a top Labour official, Anne Chester, the constituency agent for former government minister Dennis McShane is having a rant in the Sunday Herald about who else but the quickest growing peoples party in Our Country. The BNP - oops sorry. The British National Party.

Up in Rotherham, support from the voters for our party, as now reached almost 29%. Considering that back in 1999, our percentage was just a mere 1.5%, this shows how hard the activists of the BNP have worked and sacrificed and they are to be saluted for their efforts. Slice one off Green Arrow for the troops. (Naval salutes, different to the Armies look like a chopping motion. Hence the "slice".)
You can sense that Chester knows she is on the front line. Westminster and second homes sleaze, a "green" budget but little else, dodgy emails, all just pile on the misery when someone on the doorstep tells her: "I'm never voting Labour again." Chester adds: "And when they say they won't be voting Labour, and you know they won't vote Tory, they're going to vote for the BNP."
Good stuff Anne. Good stuff but tell us more. Tell us about how you have to pay people to deliver your leaflets. Oh and what is this business about "poor work ethic" all about. Go on tell us.
But she is honest, disconcertingly direct, and paints an unflattering picture of Labour's record in representing Rotherham at local level. "There's complacency. In some key wards we pay other people to distribute our election leaflets. We're just not out there, on the streets. Our work ethic is poor. Some of the councillors must fear there's a Jeremy Paxman behind every door, that they'll get asked difficult questions." She recalls one Labour councillor. "He used to stand in the high street and smile at people - that was it, the extent of his campaigning."
What a little darling you are Anne. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have made the blogfather very happy.

You will also notice in the article, that the False Flags of Searchlight are also active in Rotherham. Always a good sign that an enemy ship is sinking, when those rats appear on deck. Can you swing Gerry? Sorry I meant, can you swim?

So can it get any better. I said it could and I will tell you. But not now. Not just yet.

Because first I have to tell you something that had me rolling on the floor. Where incidentally I seem to spend a lot of my time these days after story after story pops up showing the collapse and discomfort of not just Labour but all of the parties that form the One Party state, I call The Establishment.

Because over on the marxist Tribune site that proudly displays the following in its about area:
A thorn in the side of all governments, constructively to Labour, unforgiving to Conservatives.
they are writing about David Cameron (UAF signatory) and are really unforgiving when thff d................f asd. Sorry, just getting up of the floor again. Let's try that again. Take two.

they are writing about David Cameron (UAF signatory) and are really unforgiving (steady now) when they write;
Cameron cannot play the race card. He is a liberal cosmopolitan without a gram of racism in his make-up. To his credit, he has promoted ethnic minority candidates, MPs and peers. He needs votes from Hindi, Muslim and other faith communities in order to win a majority.
So now you know what tickles the mind of an independent BNP blogger. But we already knew the real reason why Cameron said the following about moslems, back in 2007.(We never forget):
Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.
Cameron you are nothing short of a political carpetbagger who would sell his own butt to anyone who will vote for you. You are as dirty and repulsive as the slimy slugs of Squirmshite.

When the Tribune starts praising a Tory Party leader, you just know that finally the Lib/Lab/con alliance have finally reached the end of their road. One Party with three wings all with only two polices. Retain their places at the trough of public money and defeat the British National Party that intends to drag them from them and to justice.

Right. I asked at the beginning, if things could get any better today for the BNP? I said they can and they will but sadly I am out of time and so you will have to call back later.