Saturday, 18 April 2009

Ballot Box tampered with in safe Labour Seat

As John of Gwent will tell you, Postal Ballot fraud by all three major parties is endemic in the areas they control.

But it is not just Postal Votes that are being tampered with on a scale unequalled anywhere in the world, including Zinggawe or whatever they call Rhodesia now but also the blatant removal of seals from ballot boxes and tampering of votes cast by people who still think we live in a democracy. The truth is, none of the stale political Establishment can be trusted any longer.

Because not only is electoral fraud one of the tools of Labour but so is plain old nepotism and cronyism.

On the 15th of this month, we had the story of how Cherie Blair's stepmother, Stephanie Booth was selected over a popular local candidate to be come the Labour Candidate for West Yorkshire in next General Election after postal votes were counted.

At a packed selection meeting at Mytholmroyd Bowling Club last week, Mrs Booth lost a vote on the night by 35 to 22, but won by 95 to 52 once postal votes were added.

Paul Clarke, Calder Valley's branch secretary, is writing to regional party officials calling for an investigation after claims that supporters of Mrs Booth had approached members and helped them fill in postal voting forms, in breach of party rules.

It has also been alleged that a list of party members was provided to the Unite union and used to send letters to every Calder Valley member seeking backing for Mrs Booth.
So we have the overruling of the local party, cronyism, a forced rigged election and one that sounds distinctly new labour. Totally crooked.

Now today we have another story concerning ballot rigging. This time, the "elites" desired one, is Georgia Gould, 22 and a daughter of Tony Blairs friend Lord Gould of Brookwood.

Already there have been investigations into alleged irregularities, now things have got worse for Labour after it turns out that the ballot box containing votes had been broken into.
On Friday afternoon a party spokesman said that it had seen "no evidence of wrong doing" in the selection process. However, later the party issued a statement saying; "At 6.45pm it was discovered that the seal on the ballot box containing previously received papers for the selection was broken. In order to maintain the integrity of the process, tomorrow's hustings meeting has been postponed and a new date will be fixed."
But what sickens me about both these affairs, is not so much the nepotism or cronyism but the ballot rigging and the inaction of the government in doing anything about it. In fact the government now depend on these practices to continue in power. That and giving the vote to criminals and illegal immigrants. In fact anyone they think will vote for them to keep their places at the trough of public money they feed off.

Postal votes should only be available for people who are physically unable to reach a ballot station. There should be no other exceptions. Check out this link here from our Liars, Bugger and Thieves site. Remember this is not an exhaustive list and there are many cases I have not had time to add. All the main parties are involved. It is not exculsively Labour that does it.

I also think now that the BNP election agents should insist on a secure place for ballot boxes to be stored and the right to have people watch over them until they are opened at the count.

With regards to the Postal votes, every single one of those people who took advantage of them MUST be visited to confirm that it was they who actually requested them and they who actually completed them.

No wonder the older decent member of the Labour Party are leaving them to their swill.

You know there is only one party that genuinely believes in democracy and the will of the people and you know who it is. Remember to vote for the British National Party on June the 4th. With all the fraud going on, we will need every honest vote we can get.