Saturday, 25 April 2009

Searchlight - Hope to Make a Bundle from Dopes Don't Rate

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The convicted criminal and communist Gerry Gable is rubbing his hands with anticipation at the money his family owned business Searchlight is going to make over the next few weeks via his false flag Dopes Don't Rate outfit.

Using sites like the Muslim Council of Britain and the mainly moslem Respect Party funded UAF sites to advertise his third party leaflets that attack the BNP and to sell his lies and distortion leaflets to trade unions, brain washed students and dupes of The Establishment.

Of course the fact that the money to print these leaflets probably came from the government in the first place, will not be mentioned. Neither will these leaflets be in support of candidates standing for elections.

Because, Searchlight has no policies. Because Searchlight needs no policies. It is not its purpose. The only reason it exists is to make money from the dupes who swallow their lies whilst propping up the crumbling Establishment.

So let us have a closer look at these leaflets. So what is on the first side. Well all a bit boring really and hardly worth mentioning.

There is the usual sort of stuff;
The BNP is a racist Nazi party. It is not interested in fairness, but motivated only by hatred towards those it does not like. It thrives on conflict, mistrust and exploiting people's genuine concerns. It is always looking for someone to blame, rather than getting on with the difficult job of sorting out complex problems.

It is also a foul party. It is packed full of criminals, thugs and Nazis. It does not believe that a black person can ever be British and would outlaw marriages between people of difference(their typo) ethnic backgrounds.
All a bit rich really and easily revealed to be rubbish. But I suppose, that they do at least admit that the people of Britain do have concerns. Concerns like, illegal wars, stolen pensions, jobs lost, homes lost, freedom lost, etc, etc, etc.

But unlike Searchlight, the British National Party are putting forward candidates and are at least taking part in these elections in a democratic fashion and do have the answers needed to resolve the British Peoples concerns.

If Searchlight has answers why not tell us what they are. Why do they not tell the people? Why do they not put forward candidates? But you already know the answers to those questions. So we move on.

As for thugs and Nazis. Is it not Searchlight who hunts down British National Party members and points their locations to the thugs of the UAF (of which David Cameron is still a signatory) to attack, regardless of their age or sex, as seen time after time after time. The British People know who the thugs are and they are not the British National Party.

No, the real Nazis are the Establishment and the likes of the UAF and Searchlight. Thugs who, unable to win the hearts and minds of the people use the same methods of the moslems to silence their critics. Intimidation and violence to crush democracy and choke the Voice of Freedom.

As for their pathetic claim that the BNP would outlaw mixed marriages, they are fully aware that many BNP members and supporters are in mixed race relations and whilst some, are understandably not wild about the idea, because of the decline of white people in the world, they would not outlaw it. You cannot make love a crime and neither would the BNP want to.

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So what do we have on the other side of this piece of tat that is not even suitable to wipe your butt with.

Well we have something or someone called Eddie Lizard or something like that, shooting his mouth off. Well taking a look at him below, you can see why there is no need to say any more about this thing.

Eddie Lizard. Skin Crawler

Then we have the strutting Bantam Chicken of the ring and the road, Amir Khan.
The conviction related to an incident that occurred on 2 March 2006 in the centre of Bolton, when Khan's car hit and broke the leg of a pedestrian who was running on a pelican crossing trying to avoid cars. Immediately prior to the accident Khan had swerved around a line of stopped cars and went through a traffic light that had just turned red. He was cleared of dangerous driving and the pedestrian received an interim payment of £40,000.

Khan was also summoned to appear in court in Rochdale on 26 October 2007, accused of travelling in excess of 140 mph on the M62 motorway on 31 December 2006. He failed to appear and the case was adjourned to 2 November 2007, with the District Judge warning that he would issue an arrest warrant if the accused did not appear by then. He was also charged with not producing his driving licence and insurance certificate. On 7 January 2008 Khan was fined £1000 and banned for 42 days for the speeding offence.
Another convicted criminal, who only escaped jail because of who he is. So what has Khan got to say. Oh that is it. He thinks that holding up an English Flag makes him "British". No, having a British passport (if legal) makes you a "British Citizen". You are a Pakistani living in England Khan. You are no more British than Joanna Lumley who was born in Kashmir is an Indian.

Getting fed up with this article now. It is just too easy to ridicule their pathetic leaflet. Did Blue Steal Digital have anything to do with it?

You know BSD, the American Company whose European director is close friends with Gerry and Co and who have been brought in at vast expense to Searchlight and ultimately the British Taxpayer.

So "Celebrity" wise (laugh my socks off), we then have the moron Andy Whyment who plays himself(a moron) on Coronation Street. He is in a mixed marriage and is worried about the future of any children he might have in the future. Taking one look at him, I cannot see that happening. He does not look as if he has it in him.

Finally, we have a nice bit from the Daily Mirror, whose former proprietor stole his workforces pension money, just as this government that it supports, has stolen the pensions of the entire country.

Remember it was the Daily Mirror who thinks that our critically injured servicemen fighting in illegal wars should go to the back of the queue when needing medical treatment.

All together then a very nice piece of work that should win even more votes for the British National Party on June the 4th.