Sunday, 19 April 2009

Searchlight and smears

Tony Ward - Victim of UAF thugs
Those on right? Signed up supporters of the UAF

By now, most of you, if not all of you are heartily sick of reading about Searchlight and Gerry Gable. Well I can assure you, that I am equally sick of writing about them. They turn my stomach. But I must, I must.

You, at least have the option of skipping this article, as yet unwritten. Me? I have to continue, because in my mind, nothing is resolved until it is settled. And in my mind, nothing is settled until I have the answers to all my questions.

First, let us have a summary of what we know about Searchlight, Gable and fellow travellers. We will put them into bullet points and forget all the links for now but I will provide a few that are new.

Searchlight was created with just one mission directive. To attack and destroy the British National Party, using any means at its disposal. Both legal and illegal.

It is owned and run by the convicted criminal and communist Gerry Gable, who makes a very good living by stirring up hatred whilst doing the work of the state, his not so secret employer.

Searchlight receives funding from the state by various means, including the childrens charity, the PGMT. For money received from "individuals", they receive a further 25% of the amount donated from the taxpayer. Nice little earner that. Donate, get money from state. Move money. Increase donation. Get even more money from the state and repeat ad infinitum.

Searchlights accounts are always long overdue before submission. This is usually a sign that accounts need a long time cooking before they will become digestible to the auditors.

Searchlight is employing an American Company to assist in their attack on democracy. This company is using software not just to gather data on individuals but also on those who they correspond with.

Gerry Gable admits to passing information to the Security Services as does one of his employees Matthew Collins, so one must assume that those people who have filled in petitions, etc on one of the many Searchlight false flag sites have had their full details passed on also.

Searchlight actively seeks out the venues of BNP functions and street activities and then publishes their locations on their sites and encourages dupes to "protest" at these events with horrific results in the worst cases.

Searchlight sites, carry links to communist blogs and forums that promote violence as a political weapon to suppress the views of those who do not share in their mad dreams of a one world government controlled by a self perpetuating "elite", them.

Searchlight collaborates with organisations such as Unite Against Fascism(UAF) (who recently had much of its funding removed when the Chairman of the UAF, Ken Livingstone lost against Boris Johnson for the position of Mayor of London).

Searchlight as formed an uneasy truce with the UAF, that is part funded by the Muslim Council of Britain and the mainly Muslim, Respect Party run by Dhimmi George Galloway.

The UAF provides the dupes and cannon fodder in the form of gullible students and paid union activists to attack the BNP events targeted by Searchlight. They are the ones now facing prison time, not the bullet makers at Searchlight and the UAF. The following by professional black agitator, Weyman Bennett of the UAF.
Wherever the BNP tries to organise, UAF should be there – organising to counter every Nazi stall, meeting, rally and demonstration.
The word "counter" in communist terms, means violence, as they have demonstrated time after time. Neither Searchlight or the UAF put forward candidates in elections. That is not their purpose. Their purpose is to silence opposition to the grand plan of their paymasters not just in the UK but also in the European Union. A major foundation in the creation of the New World Order.

Searchlight send a photographer to Milan to photograph the Deputy Leader of the BNP, Simon Darby, attending a meeting of European Nationalist leaders including many, democratically elected MEPs. A lot of expense unless of course "they knew" they could obtain a photograph that they they thought they could use to discredit the BNP.

Searchlight spokesmen are regularly quoted by both National and Local Newspaper within minute of a story breaking and that is what has set me off on my quest to find the answers to some if not all of the following questions.

If the government admits to linking up with Searchlight, then what are the names of the ministers who are having the meetings with Gable to discuss ways of countering the British National Party?

Given that Labour has consistently used smear tactics to attack their enemies, were smear tactics discussed at these meetings and if so, was the Searchlight trip to Milan one of those tactics?

David Cameron is accusing the unelected Prime Minister, Gordon Brown of being behind the revealed smear campaign. Then if so, what is the Prime Ministers relationship with Searchlight? We have seen images of him with their representatives.

Is Gerry Gable a "Spad" to the government? And if so what is his salary?
The latest figures show that last July, there were 73 special advisers in post, costing the taxpayer £5.9 million in 2007/08. More than 20 of them work in 10 Downing Street.
Which brings me to. Did Damian McBride ever meet with Searchlight representatives to discuss ways of attacking the British National Party?

Now for a request
. A news-site web page has removed some information that leads me to believe that Damian McBride might have met with Searchlight. Is there a site out that there that would provide me access to the original story?

Finally, given that the information above is all in the public domain, why are people like David Cameron and senior politicians from all political parties still associating with both Searchlight and the UAF?

And why aren't the freedom loving journalists of the press investigating Searchlight and its "special relationship" with the government and the other parties that make up the Tri-Axis of evil?