Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Show this man whose House this is?

This is Gods House Chris, not yours.

The Archdeacon of Lichfield, Chris Liley has spat his dummy out over the fact that the Truth Truck was photographed outside of Lichfield Cathedral.

One would have thought that with the very possible fact that "enrichers" are planning to build a mosque next to this historic building and Christian place of worship, that he would have other things on his mind. But no.

The BNP are wrong to suggest Jesus would vote for the BNP. I don’t know who he would vote for, but his parable of the Good Samaritan was a clear example about the value we should place on people from other communities."

Well he might not object to having neighbours who may one day burn down the House of God but others do.

There is a group here that is mentioned in the article that is opposed to the building of the Mosque. If you are on Facebook, then why not join it and show this shabby man of the cloth just whose House it is. Gods.

Let us let Simon Darby, Deputy Leader of the British National Party have the last word.

We sent our truth truck along because a lot of people in Lichfield are very upset by the planned mosque.

"If this was a Labour or Islamic poster would the cathedral have taken the same action? The Archdeacon should spend more time defending the Christian faith because it needs it.”

He claimed: “I lived nearby for a long time and would often visit the city and go shopping so I know that Lichfield is a beautiful place to visit - we want it to stay that way. This isn’t about immigration - it’s about colonisation.”