Sunday, 19 April 2009

Stuart Wheeler and UKIP

I see that Suart Wheeler, the millionaire who once donated 5 million shiny spunderoes(GBP) to the conservatives, has jumped ship and gone over to a vessel that is sinking even quicker than the Tory party. UKIP.

First, I note that he bought his ticket to speak at their(UKIP) conference with a donation of £100,000. Perhaps he is just a plain old millionaire now, after shelling out the 5 mill to the pinky blue Tories, when he was described as a multi-millionaire.

I was also pleased to note that he had finally picked up on the fact that the conservatives had no real intentions of giving the people of our tortured land a referendum.

The conservatives will do exactly the same as Labour when it is their turn to take over in the rotating dictatorship that has fooled the British People for decades. Nothing.

They will offer a referendum but never deliver. Just as the Liberal Democrats campaign guide, instructs their political litmus paper activists to be whatever political colour the person is they are currently talking to, they will say anything to get that vote. Like them they have no honour.

But for a self made millionaire, Stuart must be incredibly dim, politically speaking. Is he not aware that UKIP is imploding?

Is he not aware that the "direction" of those UKIP MEPs has changed since they took their place at the Eurabian Trough of public money. They say now that they are there in Brussels not to destroy the soviet style bureaucracy from within but to "reform" it. They have sold out in other words. The richness of the Brussels gravy stole their souls.

Now I do not doubt for one moment that Stuart Wheeler is genuine in his beliefs and wishes only the best for Our Country but with all his money, could he not have done a little research into the party he has now joined?

Does he not know that the current crop of UKIP MEP's are partying it up in the bars and restaurants of Brussels in the afternoons and evenings after betraying their voters in the mornings?

Stuart goes on in the article to say that 80% of conservatives MPs shared his desire to cut back EU influence. Well why do they not speak out? But they will not because they are cowards who think only of their next expense claim.

Finally he mentions the "two big beasts". Clarke and Heseltine. I laughed when I first saw those words used and I laugh at them now. They are pathetic words. Both Clarke and Heseltine might have been big beasts in the past but so were dinosaurs and they are dead and gone. Pity the same did not apply to Clarke who should one day be tried for treason and Tarzan should go back to his private jungle, on his private estate and hang himself from one the trees he used to swing from.

No, if Mr Wheeler had half a brain he would have realised that his support for UKIP can only prolong its miserable life. Better that it die now then live with the shame it has brought upon its members who were sucked into believing their lies.

So any of you UKIP supporters who have drifted onto this site, think about this. Do you care more about your party than you do your country?

Surely you must see now that this country's only hope is the British National Party?

Do you really want to take votes away from the ONLY party that will take us out of Europe and the New World Order?

Just think about that UKIP and you to Mr Stuart Wheeler.