Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lingerie Tycoon Mone Leaves Labour Unsupported

by johnofgwent

OK someone has to cheer us up this Sunday so, at the peril of taking flak from the ladies within our ranks, I'm going to take the plunge.

While trawling through the news pages of the "usual suspects" with their dreary soundings of the death-knell for the British way of life courtesy of the "Dream Team Gone Sour" of Brown and Darling, I was just about to call it a day, cable tie my wrists together and jump into the Usk at the Flood Tide when I chanced upon a small ray of light on a cloudy day.

It appears that Michelle Mone, described in this BBC News item as a "Lingerie Tycoon" and "Boss of the Ultimo Bra Empire" has left labour as unsupported as Charlie Dimmock.

Mone, whose wikipedia page reveals a career as varied as the one New Labour's Education Spin Doctors would have you believe is up for grabs by anyone, is said to have taken the decision to launch her designer lingerie business when underwhelmed by the quality of the product she was forced to wear for a press conference for her then employer. Convinced she could do better than the instrument of torture she was then sporting in her thoracic region, she managed to find the money to support her way to her current position as head of a business turning over £45 million.

The BBC quote extracts of an interview Mone gave to the Scottish Sunday Express. Branding the new 50p tax rate a disgrace she said ...
"I certainly don't mind paying more tax if the real benefits are being felt by schools, the health service, the elderly and businesses. But to just come and ask for more money to throw away is crazy"
She went on to say
"I used to be a Labour Supporter but I'm not any more. None of them have impressed me with their policies and actions, bringing the economy to its knees"
Well GA and I can both testify to the way New Labour run the economy, our high rolling small businesses never made it to the dizzy heights of Mone's £45 million turnover but they kept us in the top tax bracket until Blair arranged to let his big busines pals outsource the work we did,and then illegally issued loads of fast tracked visas to guest workers from the indian subcontintne to make sure our chances of making a living went under.

So whilst I am surprised it took this woman so long to see the real "New Labour" Party for what it was, I celebrate the fact that tomorrow morning, as he spits out his dummy over the breakfast newspapers yet again, this time Gordon the One Eyed Scottish Idiot will have something to 'Mone' about.

(I'm sorry, I couldn't resist that last bit. OK I'll get me coat....)

PS. I thought long and hard about "illustrating" this post. But in the end I decided this is a respectable, quality blog and if you want pictorial tittilation go surf the Sun Online .....