Friday, 17 April 2009

St George's Day and The Steadfast Trust

Go for it England

Following the withdraw of funding by the local council The Steadfast Trust has made a substantial donation to The Stone Cross St George’s Association in order to help secure the future of the event.

The Stone Cross St George’s Day Parade is the largest celebration of St George’s Day in the country. It is organised and run, and overwhelmingly attended by the local English community. It is a fine example of how the English community can and should organise itself and it is something that The Steadfast Trust is proud to support.

You can read here how the local council effectively banned this popular family event which is attended by over 15,000 people, after one councillor referred to it as a “tribal” event that created an “unhealthy” and “racist” atmosphere. We take the opposite view to the council.

We believe that the way that this parade brings our community together should be seen as something positive We believe that by actively encouraging strong communal bonds it not only adds to the English communities sense of their own identity but also the self-respect and communal pride that flows from it. As a main sponsor of the event the charity will have members handing out Steadfast leaflets at the event. If you’re attending the parade we’ll see you there and if you can spare a few hours to help leafleting please contact the trust.