Monday, 20 April 2009

Another BNP Councillor in Carmarthenshire !

Meirion Bowen

Former Plaid Cymru county council candidate and elected councillor for Llandybie, Meirion Bowen has declared for the British National Party to become the second BNP councillor on Llandybie Community Council. He joins existing BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards who represents Penygroes.

The announcement follows an article in the South Wales Evening Post where Plaid MP for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr, Adam Price, alarmed at collapsing support for Plaid in his constituency, tried to claim that voters in Carmarthenshire would not be swayed by the BNP.

In response to the article, new BNP Councillor Bowen said:
Adam Price is out of touch with reality. Plaid have turned their back on the people of Wales when they dropped the Cymru. Adam Price has failed the people who elected him. I attended a meeting in Carmarthen where he just buried his head in his hands and was totally out of his depth. This is going to come back and haunt him.
Talks between BNP officials and disillusioned Plaid members (and Councillors) in areas of South Wales from Ammanford to Abergavenny have highlighted the disgust felt by many that they now have a Muslim AM representing Plaid in South East Wales. A Muslim march led by Plaid AM, Mohammed Ashgar through the Welsh city of Newport to a former Welsh Chapel that is now a mosque has been the final straw for many former Plaid voters. It is symptomatic of the phoney nationalists in Plaid that their change of direction ignores the needs of Welsh people and puts the interests of other nationalities first.

The British National Party in Wales welcomes another true nationalist into it’s ranks. Croeso Meirion !

Footnote by Green Arrow

Little did I know when I wrote in a previous article, how prophetic the words below would be and in such a short time.
Now why does the Green Arrow get the impression that those words will come back and bite the less than honourable MP right on his big fat bum.
Yes. Welcome Meiron. All members and supporters from other political parties are also welcome.

Meirion has discovered for himself that the BNP are not the monsters that our enemies portray us as. All you have to do is visit our sites and come to talk to us. Talk costs nothing and if you still feel the same about us afterwards, then fine. Walk on by and we will meet you again at the ballot box.