Friday, 24 April 2009

Now you have had time to consider

Well what do you think?

Had an email yesterday about advertising posters that have appeared on the tube, in or rather under, what used to be London.

And did I know anything about the company behind it and was it going to be a kind of spoof at the end of the campaign?

The site advertised, is called Now You've had time to consider and is quite interesting.

It is a poll site that allows you to vote and comment on 4 different subjects.

Hunting, Battery Farming, Poverty(I think) and the military.

A quick check of the company revealed that the campaign had been initiated by a well known advertising firm but unsurprisingly did not reveal who their client for this campaign was.

That done, I clicked on my opinion, which permits you to see the results so far and also gain access to the comments that you may then read or add to.

Now of course, everyone is different so naturally there will be views and opposing views but I was surprised at the results for Battery farming. Personally I think battery farming of any kind is wrong. Clearly, in London which appears to be the target area for the campaign, I am in a minority.

But the question on Hunting was the one I found most interesting and reassuring.

Currently the poll stands at 83% who say that Hunting is a Birthright and 17% who say it is Brutal. In London, where you would expect most of the people not to have any real idea of countryside life they appear to support it. Perhaps I have misjudged city folk.

Well hunting is a contentious issue but I do have some views on it. I voted for it being a Birthright.

Having grown up in the countryside, I have seen a coop full of dead chickens. I have walked across a field with little bundles of wool lieing dead, bright red and white. But I never hated the fox that had caused the carnage. It is nature.

I have watched the Beaufort Hunt start off and spoken to their followers to try and understand their views. I have spoken to hunt saboteurs, to understand theirs.

I seem to have a need to understand both sides of a debate. Only when you can see two sides can you make your descion on what you believe is right and what you believe to be wrong.

I found that contrary to what the press and opponents of hunting said, it was a completely classless sport with people from all walks of life making up their supporters. Checking up on the names of Hunt Masters past and present, I found large numbers of ex military enjoyed the sport.
I' am a terrierman, I control fox, and I control them as humanely as is possible. My work is the only method of fox control that can target a rogue fox and deal with it without causing suffering. For those that oppose this form of control I say go see the damage fox can cause to the farmers during lambing, go see the damage caused to the pheasants in the rearing pens, then tell me fox are cute and don't just kill for killing sake. Get out there in the countryside, open your eye's and stop looking through rose tinted glasses, stop believing all that is fed to you via anti blood sport writers. I respect my quarry, I only remove problem foxes which are taking game birds, as this is all the law allows. I feel for the sheep farmers, for these us terriermen are unable to carry out our job due to the law.
Talking to the hunt saboteurs, I understood some of their views but I also found a rather nasty streak based on their perception of class. I also got the impression that their actions were less to do with animal welfare but rather more with hunting the hunt as a sport in its own right.
I do not agree with fox hunting, it is cruel, and so is rat traps and poison!! More should be done to provent foxes getting to live stock in the first place, anyone who wants info go to the natonal fox welfare site and they will tell you the correct fencing to put up, I agree totally with maggie
When an hunt goes by then I root for the fox to escape. He either does or he does not. How different to a gut shot or poisoned fox who crawls away to die in agony.

Jobs, protection of the countryside and wildlife paid for with the death of an occasional fox is a price worth paying. Hunting with dogs is a British Birthright.

Now even us Nationalists can never be in agreement over everything but the link is up there so you may go vote and comment as you please. Recommend you read the comments. Fascinating words from both sides of this issue.

Feel free to comment here also.

And we move on.