Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Last moments of Ian Tomlinson

By Nemesis

The focus of this subject should really merit a shock, horror, gasp but the process we are about to examine has become so commonplace now that this news is probably no more exciting than discussing the weather or watching paint dry.

The resent media reports revolving around the recent G20 rendezvous and the death of 47 years old Ian Tomlinson the father of nine children is a reflection of the reliability or should we say unreliability of the information supplied by the State controlled media.

In the initial media reports it was claimed that Mr Tomlinson had not been involved in the G20 protests and that he had died from a heart attack while walking home. The initial story given by the media and the explanation for his death would probably have gone unchallenged if footage of C.C.T.V. had not come to light.

Here again we have an incident where the methods used to suppress the public, C.C.T.V., is also used to expose the corruption of our controlling bodies … the Sword of Damocles strikes again. The initial story, in response to the C.C.T.V. footage that shows a police officer laying into Mr Tomlinson, was altered to fit in with the new evidence.

The initial version of Mr Tomlinson being an innocent man peacefully walking home to his children and dropping dead of a heart attack mutated. The further Grimes Brothers’ Type story now portrayed Mr Tomlinson as a man suffering from drink problems, aggressive and gave off connotations that he provoked the incident that resulted in his death caused by a heart attack.

The media was now suggesting in their second version of events that Mr Tomlinson had died from a heart attack having been pushed by a police officer in an incident that he had provoked. The initial post mortem supported this version with the coroner officially declaring that Mr Tomlinson had indeed died from a heart attack. The third version of the same incident came about following a second post mortem on the deceased victim.

It was discovered that Mr Tomlinson did not die from a heart attack but had actually bleed to death from ruptured internal abdominal organ/organs. This is consistent with being knocked to the ground and kicked. The force of the kick would have been more potentially lethal if the police officer had been wearing steel toe capped footwear often worn in these circumstances. The use of this footwear could have affected the officer’s judgement on how much force to apply in order not to be lethal.

However, the man died and the responsibility for this man’s death lays not so much with the police officer as it does with those who sanctioned the scenario in the first place and attempted to cover up the incident.

The initial story of an innocent man uninvolved in the G20 disturbances dropping dead from a heart attack while walking home had changed giving off connotations that he was an aggressive drunk who was kicked to death in an incident he had provoked.

The public on this issue has been lied to and misled by the media. The media has unfairly attacked the victim’s character in an attempt to mitigate the police officer’s actions. The coroner carrying out the first post mortem delivered an inaccurate and misleading cause of death … the coroner either acted incompetently or deliberately told lies as part of a conspiracy to conceal the truth.

The coroner, police and the media appear to have colluded in an attempt to pervert the course of justice. The coroner and the police have probably abused power while in public office in concealing the truth … however, the media have just told the lies that they are employed to tell and would find it difficult to conceal the truth since most of them would not know what it is.

However, we should understand that these bodies are politically motivated and under the control of their masters our duly elected (Government) who themselves are controlled by the Plutocracy (Ruling rich). The BNP would not tolerate this third world barbarity and its office would truly democratically represent the will of the majority of the people. The BNP would learn from its mistakes like the wise man and not cover them up as in the fool and New Labour.



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