Tuesday, 14 April 2009

It's a Question of Numbers

Is this the food of our children's children, each other?

By Albion

The EU desperately desires its own constitution, its own army and to parade on the world stage like Peacocks alongside NATO and the UN but would it be a credible military force? A contingent of the Euro Coalition of the Willing might include members of Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia who might be called upon in the future to invade western Fiji, or to pacify the natives of a nation once known as England due to civil unrest.

Could the EU possibly be a coalition of Moslem and European countries or perhaps what we are seeing is nothing more than a bunch of power crazed megalomaniacs using the land mass of Europe as a Monopoly board.

Eurabia is a contradiction in terms as is a Hamas/Mossad appreciation society.

Instead of discussing globalization, one world government or enlarging Europia maybe Berluscone, Ms Merkel, Sarkosy and Brown should do some number crunching.

An American author pointed out that if the trend in European politics continues and uncontrolled immigration persists, many countries in Europe within 100-200 years will cease to exist. The average European family has less than two children, they are not replacing themselves. The highest birth-rate is in the poorest countries, which yearly are plagued by famine and drought.

If you would like to read some very disturbing figures, it was pointed out that Yemen by 2050 will have a larger population than the Russian Federation with Nigeria and Pakistan each having a larger population than the fifteen nations that at the time are comprising the European community.

Yemen is interesting; only about three per cent of its land is arable and has little water, it is a dirt poor country. In 1950 its population was about 4 million inhabitants today that figure is now some 20 million. Predictions based on fertility rates calculate that by 2050 its projected population will be around a HUNDRED MILLION the same projected figure as Turkey.

There is a slow decline in fertility rates in France and England but high fertility rates among the immigrants which are the black and North African in France and Pakistani and Caribbean in the UK.

Europeans are breeding themselves into extinction. What the long term future of a future European dictatorship without the participation of Europeans I must say defeats me.

Putting a grenade down ones trousers, removing the pin and asking the wife to stand back would be no less suicidal than inviting turkey to join this European Union, I suspect there will be terrible social and cultural upheaval within Europe and the UK if this were to happen..

The UK is the most attractive destination for many migrants as they head for Europe after fleeing third world countries. In any case the whole character and thousands of years of European culture will over time disappear. If this scenario came to fruition and you were to inquire as to England’s future, I would have to say it doesn’t have one.

With reference to Turkey imagine if you will another 71 million people being able to apply for EU passports and by 2050, one hundred million! Obama would like to see Turkey invited into the European Union and I am sure for good reasons and he is not about to tell us. He could well be a closet Moslem. In your children’s lifetime it might not be a European Federation at all but a Northern European Caliphate.

One can fight tenaciously to force a referendum to withdraw from the EU but the Europe as we know is going to cease to exist if numbers are anything to go by, or failing that cease to exist due to the mad European politicians political folly.

Stats from the book 'Last Days of Europe' by Walter Laquer.