Monday, 20 April 2009

For the benefit of the Guardian

Right then, most of you will have already seen the following that was posted over on the UKTabloid site, that you should now be into the habit of visiting as soon as possible each day. You want to know what is happening then that is the place to start.

But for the benefit of the Guardian Readers who are now regular visitors to the Home of the Green Arrow and Friends, I will repost here so you can see for yourself that Mattew Taylor is not telling you quite all the truth.

But does a Guardian reader care about the truth? I somehow doubt it. Anyhow, here you go. Read this La La Land, whilst being paid for doing nothing, you non job leeches that feed of us. Boy are we looking forward to ripping you from the body of Our Country.

Extracts: Activists and Organisers’ Handbook:

Practical Tips for Effective Leafleting
  • Try to work in teams of either 2 or 4. Anything bigger can look intimidating and starts to get inefficient.
  • Walk a circuitous route to end up where you began. This saves backtracking over ground you’ve already leafleted and decreases the risk of confrontation with ’screamers’.
  • When leafleting a block of flats, always begin at the top and work your way down.
  • If you have to leaflet a corridor, walk to the end furthest from the stairwell and work back.
  • When doing cul-de-sacs, walk to the end and work back leafleting both sides as you go.
  • Opposition is very rare these days but, if you do encounter any, never engage in slanging matches. Be calm, reasonable and polite then just walk away. It’s not what they expect. It wins you the moral high ground and leaves them feeling like the aggressor.
  • Don’t go out on a leafleting session in a new pair of shoes. We’ve seen dedicated activists at election times with their socks literally soaked in blood through making this mistake.
  • Make sure that all your team are tidily dressed and look presentable. No naked torsos in summer, unshaven scruffs or skinhead haircuts (put them in caps or hats). The impression a leafleter gives is every bit as important as the message in the leaflet.

Creating an Impression at Your Table Top Sale
  • Try to have a good mix of men and women and a variety of age ranges. Middle-aged women and retired people can be particularly effective in altering the public perception of our image.
  • Don’t wear baseball caps, sunglasses or anything else which obscures your face. We aren’t ashamed of who we are. Let the public take a good look at us and see that we’re no different from them.
  • Make sure someone experienced is on hand to deal with direct questions from passers-by.
  • If you encounter any unpleasantness from a member of the public, stay calm, measured and polite. Don’t raise your voice in reply. Any confrontational behaviour will attract attention, so impress the public with your maturity and good manners and leave the reputation of ‘aggressive lout’ with your opponent. Address men and women as ’sir’ and ‘ma’am’. Courtesy and gallantry may be old-fashioned but it can be extremely disarming in these modern times.
  • Always have at least one Union Flag (the right way up!) and one ‘local’ national flag - a Cross of St George, St Andrew or St David — as appropriate.

Internet Forums: Don’t waste your time defending the Party or individuals from attacks by keyboard warriors on Internet forums. These are infested with neo-Nazis and Marxist cranks, but are never seen by normal people so just ignore them.

Blogs: Local Party blogs are not permitted. Personal and local area ones, which avoid being overtly BNP most of the time and which bring members of the public into closer contact with our ideas, are a different matter.

From time to time ‘independent’ local blogs in particular help us to collect and disseminate material which is very damaging to the other parties. A word of warning though — just because something has already been reported doesn’t make it true or legally safe to repeat. News Source

Footnote by the Green Arrow

"Independent". Thats us folks.

One cannot help but wonder how much the communist criminal Gerry Gable charged the government and other mugs for downloading this document from the BNP site and then passing it off as a "secret internal document". I roll on the floor laughing. I honestly do not know who is more stupid. Guardian readers or the government.